You see the thing is…


I am officially the world's worst blogger. Ever. You'd think I'd be on here every day the amount of stuff that's been going on at the moment but I guess my excuse is that I've been too busy to blog or too tired or whatever. You see the thing is...I'm PREGNANT!

Well, 17 weeks pregnant to be exact so I have passed the 'should I, shouldn't I tell' 12 week mark which has worried every pregnant person I know. Your next question will be, "boy or girl?" to which I'm afraid the answer is that we (yes, I know I'm doing the whole WE are pregnant thing) don't know yet but you can take a guess if you like by looking at my bump...

Ok not that bump - that one's a (rather embarrassing) food baby and was way before I got pregnant!

This one below is me between 13 and 14 weeks:

And this is me at 17 weeks...

So what do you think??

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  • 4 responses to “You see the thing is…”

    1. Kofo B says:

      Great post hun. I think it's a girl. Looks like you're carrying high!

    2. Kofo B says:

      Great post hun. I think it's a girl. Looks like you're carrying high. You know the old tale says it's a boy if you are carrying low and it's a girl if you're carrying high. I hope I'm right, lol!

    3. Binie says:

      BOY! .. it's so high !Congrats Tola 😀 May the Lord perfect that baby growing in your belly .. He/She will lead men and women in Jesus name!

    4. Rin says:

      So exciting, congratulations again Tola 🙂

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