What the fur?


Recently, I've unwittingly become fashionable via the acquisition of the 'Faux', the 'Fur' and the 'Vintage'.
The 'Faux', modelled by my lovely husband, was a bargain from one of our local charity shops, the 'Fur' was another God-send picked up at Portobello on a rare weekend that: 1-the tubes were working and 2 - we felt brave enough to bear the crowds for a whole morning, and the 'Vintage' is a YSL lambskin lined beauty and also the reason why we have to put off buying a wardrobe for another month.

Ok so I know the fur police are probably getting their eggs ready now but
I've wanted a
coat more or less for ever and the fact that I have bad blood circulation means
as soon
October hits, I'm racing to switch on the central heating. Coupled with the fact that I now actually do live in the countryside means I need to keep the heat in more than ever and, unfortunately,
the gorgeous brocade
coats at my new - in the words of fashion maagzines these days - 'fashion crush', Darling, just dont cut it.

I've seen a few people trying the fake fur look but I feel slightly more holier-than-thou knowing that their
Topshop best sellers aren't quite as eco-friendly as my pre-loved body warrmers. Bring it on, Winter!

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