What can I do for you?


We usually think of Christmas as a time for indulgence and the days between Christmas and New Year as a time for reflection and thoughts to the year ahead.

Will you try harder to lose weight, save more, spend more time with your friends/family and less time at work?

New Year's resolutions are generally pretty far-fetched but if you want to start your good deeds before 2012 begins, the Bible Society have a campaign you may want to get involved in:

To celebrate the birth of Christ, the charity is asking everyone to take a moment of their time, on 25th December, to offer help – however large or small - to one other person by asking them this simple question and then fulfilling their request.
The answer may be: “peel the potatoes” or “call me more” – it really doesn’t matter. It just means that, for a few moments or more, on the 25th of December, people are given the chance to experience what Jesus meant when he said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.
Rachel Rounds, Senior Press Secretary said:
‘The act of giving of ourselves reminds us that we are part of a wider community; it reminds us of the practical outworking of the two greatest commandments - to love God first and then our neighbour. Somewhere in the midst of all the noise, that still small voice may ask us all: What matters most to you?’
Bible Society is asking people to let them know who they are going to ask and why, in addition to uploading footage of themselves fulfilling the task and sharing their stories on the Facebook page: ‘What Can I do For You?’

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