Wedding weekend


I absolutely love weddings
so I'm glad to be at that age where all my friends seem to be having them!

went to two amazing weddings this weekend and although
Fish and I are exhausted from making the trip down to Orchardleigh House in Somerset and then back up to the
Mariott hotel
, London, it was definitely worth it.

a massive Mazeltov and Congratulations
to my friends who made beautiful brides and have found the ketchup to their chips :)

Amy and Claire I love you both xx

(Oh, and although I was dead set against it, I did wear black to one of the weddings - it was a lovely wrap-top catsuit from Topshop - in the sale for only £15! -
teamed with my flowery Bourne shoes from Karen Millen)

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  • 2 responses to “Wedding weekend”

    1. Thanks gorgeous girls! It was a proper Cinderella moment! Want to wear it again!! X x

    2. Maria says:

      Was really looking forward to seeing Claire's dress- thanks for posting it! Totally fabulous as expected- she must have felt amazing.
      And love your black wraparound catsuit. Very sexy and elegant x

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