Wedding wear


Ok its February and its cold. That's the first thing I thought when mentally going through my wardrobe looking for something to wear to two weddings at the end of this month.

Apparently hem lines are dropping in the world of fashion but I prefer to let the bride trail her hard earned pounds (or hundreds of pounds in most cases) across the floor
as my preference for
above the knee designs allows for more movement on the dancefloor.
With my Fish, there will be plenty of that!
Saying that, there is a thin line between an elegant wedding outfit and a all out party outfit
so if you like Lipsy, I'd
advise you to
tread quite carefully!

Generally, my only rule is to avoid black or wearing the same colour as the bride - which isn't always white these days... Ok you can wear black but its gloomy enough already out there...
Since most places are still having sales I'd take advantage of them and try places usually out of your (financial) reach. Case in point, why spend £50 on an ordinary full priced Topshop dress when you can spend the same amount on a Jaeger piece reduced by £100 in the sale?!

I have also been asked by a reader to suggest dresses so here are a few of my faves!

Jaeger reduced from £250 to £100

Biba reduced from £100 to £50

Malene Birger reduced from £255 to £76.50

Paul & Joe Sister reduced from £170 to £51
Pewter dress by Xscape £59.99
Karen Millen reduced from £180 - £49.50. Ok I said no Black but I have fallen in love with this dress! Perfect for a Black tie wedding
Karen Millen BACK £49.50
Zara reduced from £35.99 to £9.99
Mango reduced from £264 to £179 -
I don't usually go for maxis but there is something special about this boned one
Jasmine Guinness from £79 to £39.50 -
cosy 3/4 length
sleeves and gorgeous roses
I HEART this dress, so elegant! Teatro pleated mesh dress from £49 to £24.50
Teatro pleated mesh BACK £24.50
Zara seamed and pleated dress £69.99
Ok so its not a sexy material but its a hot colour and 40% wool so perfectly appropriate for winter wedding attire!

Betsy & Adam reduced from £59.99 to £18.00
but if you prefer two straps - try this blue rosette dress by Xscape also reduced to £18.00!

Let me know what you think :)

PS - just remembered why I wanted to be a model - yeah the whole travel thing is great but more importantly: clothes, glorious, clothes!!!

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  • One response to “Wedding wear”

    1. Bev says:

      Oooohhhh, how much do I want that Marlene Birger dress?!? Surely would be a good look for a little trip to… Paris say?!

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