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Every woman likes or should I say needs to be touched. Some of us are more ‘touchy feely’ than others.
Many of us touch one another in greeting even between the most casual of acquaintances.
A polite air kiss, cheek kiss or full on shoe sharing, make-up notwithstanding bear hug.
Women touch. It’s possibly in our nature; think of the commonly used expression, ‘A Woman’s touch’.
This term can now be used to mean practically anything but it is still referred to as a ‘touch’.
But there comes a time in every woman’s life where we seek a different kind of touch.
This isn’t a friends touch, a relative’s touch or even the disciplinary touch of a parent.

I wonder how many people have lost their virginity in an attempt to feel that touch…

As Christians we should be aware that not EVERYTHING is spiritual. God created Eve for Adam because He Himself could not provide that touch.

The touch that I’m talking about is one where two become one. The Spice Girls recognised back in their hey day but it was here in Creation long before their revelation, see Ephesians 5:31 – “A man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two will become one flesh.”

In itself, as with all things created by God, this ‘touch’ or the seeking of it is not inherently bad. The problem comes when it is taken and used outside of its correct, intended context.

A year or so ago I prayed to God to reveal to me my husband. All my friends had boyfriends at the time and I was anxious not to be left behind.
Besides, I knew I was ready. That night I fell asleep pretty easily and I had only one dream which I remember vividly. This was my dream:

I was dressed in wedding attire at my own wedding. A man I have slept with in my past was dressed as the groom in a tuxedo. We were both wearing wedding rings although the actual ceremony had yet to be conducted.
Neither of seemed particularly thrilled about our nuptials.

The wedding guests and party were nothing but a blur, to be honest I’m not even sure if there were any. The next thing I knew we had progressed to the day after the wedding – and still the actual ceremony had not taken place.

In the dream I woke up alone in my mother’s house. I went downstairs to be greeted by my mother who informed me that my ‘husband’ was only using me and would steal from us as a family.

I had a vision of him rifling through my mum’s bag and other places looking for money. He then came to where my mother and I were, looked at us and simply walked out of the house.

For the record, I have plenty of dreams that I either cannot remember or begin to explain; I am not Joseph. But the Holy Spirit revealed the meaning of this immediately. I woke up and could not stop crying.

Some of you may know of a popular sermon by Juanita Bynum the Prophetess and Singer. One of the most memorable phrases from that sermon is, “The reason you’re not married is because you’re not single!”

I did not physically take wedding vows with the man in my dream but I had slept with him causing a spiritual tie between us so that in God’s eyes we had committed to being husband and wife.

“Anything bound on earth is bound in heaven and anything loosed in heaven is loosed on earth.”
(Matthew 16:19).

In modern day terms, marriage refers to an actual ceremony rather then when two people are united before God. We are not just human bodies. God sees everything we do but it is our spirits that live in the spirit realm. And God is not man but Spirit.
Marriage ceremonies are held to satisfy human flesh.

I have heard of several marriages that a judge has ruled annulled when one or both parties refuses to consummate the marriage.
Marriage doesn’t just mean that you live with someone, cook their meals, share cars, bank accounts, child-care etc. although these are part of what makes a marriage work.

Many of these things we already do or have done with our families, flat-mates or friends.

Marriage is the unison of two people joined to make one flesh, one spirit. So every time we join our flesh to someone of the opposite sex through sexual intercourse, we become one flesh with him.
This can create problems in our future relationships. Ever heard of, or used the term ‘baggage’ in relation to relationships?
This baggage consists of the emotional ‘mess-ups’ of our past; Emotions and feelings that deepen its roots with every sexual connection.

Ok so some of us have been attracted to and/or even had relationships with married men but wouldn’t you run from someone with several wedding bands on their finger?

The hands we let ‘touch’ us leave deep imprints that are not always visible and usually prove incredibly hard to remove.
Good relationships with sexual partners may leave us unable to forget that person completely thus causing problems with any new ones.
Bad relationships with sexual partners may leave us emotionally scarred, hurt and scared to move on.

So before we rush into being ‘touched’, let us remember the implications of what one seemingly innocent move can create.

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  • 3 responses to “Touch Me”

    1. Anonymous says:

      “The hands we let ‘touch’ us leave deep imprints that are not always visible and usually prove incredibly hard to remove.”

      This is soo true. I crossed that line in a previous relationship and it made it all the harder to break up and although the relationship will never work on a spiritual level she is still in the back of my mind making it hard to form a solid relationship with anyone else. :-s

    2. Anonymous says:

      “The hands we let ‘touch’ us leave deep imprints that are not always visible and usually prove incredibly hard to remove.”

      This is so true. I crossed this line in a previous relationship and it made it so hard to breakup even though the relationship was obviously wrong .
      Even now I have she is still tied to me somehow making it hard to move on :-s

    3. Anonymous says:

      I agree with u when u said “Anything bound on earth is bound in heaven and anything loosed in heaven is loosed on earth.”(Matthew 16:19).
      So we should encourage one another to wait until the right time to be ‘touch’.

      i would forward article

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