These shoes were made for walking…and adoring!


If I'm honest, I think I accepted long ago that wearing high heel shoes was never going to be comfortable.

I've never been one of those girls who
needs to discard their dancing shoes
at the end of the night
regularly remain upright after a night and
consequent morning out, but there's ALWAYS pain.
That's not to say I haven't tried to make the best of a bad toes are not what they used to be
so since the end of my penny pinching uni days
I have tried to buy from Kurt Geiger and Aldo rather than Primark and New Look in a bid to rectify my 'corn'd toe situation'.

So with that
in mind, when I used to
watch Sex and the City and
the imitation shows that succeeded it, I always wondered at the agile antics of Carrie as she leaped from apartment to taxi and down the sidewalk in a bid to grab the last pair of shoes at Manolo Blahnik. I just didn't get it! Most celebrities don't pretend to be able to walk far in
6-inch heels
and are quite happy to meander from limo to red carpet and back again a la Victoria Beckham.

(Being 5'11, I suppose you could say I don't really need heels but I do love the effect they have on my calves and the way I walk so I frequently reduce my feet to tears when I feel the need.)

Then I discovered Mo-Saique shoes. Like most new shoes, they looked amazing on screen but
in order to give
you all an
accurate review, I decided to meet the owner and try them for myself.

Her Spring/Summer 2011 collection is
made up of
bold, bright and beautiful visions of leather and suede -
from completely flat, to sky high - but what I love most is that
I could easily walk for miles in them all!

That's when I realised where I've been going wrong. You can't
spend £40-60 on high street shoes, wear them all day and expect your feet to thank you for making them look good. Sometimes you can't even spend £400 and get the kind of comfort I felt in these shoes.
Mo-Saique's leather-soled beauties are made in Italy and ridiculously easy to wear because they have been made both for walking and woo-ing!

We're in an economic climate where we're trying to cut down on frivolous spending but if you weigh up the costs of a chiropodist, the
longterm damage to your feet and the fact that you will probably never wear your favourite shoes more than once because basically, they hurt too much, £300 for
your own pair of Mo-Saique
could be
the best
self-investment you'll ever make.

Food for thought: Save just £50 a month and in six months these fab feet lovers could be yours!

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