The September Issue with Anna Wintour


I read The Devil Wears Prada before I saw it on screen and loved it along with Front Row by Times Fashion Editor Lisa Armstrong (which unfortunately hasnt yet made it to the big screen)
so cant wait to see this.

In our world where we 're obsessed with fashion and celebrities, Vogue is THE Fashion Bible for the masses. I'm not overly obsessed with it as I dont follow fashion as a rule - I just love clothes ;) -
but think as its a Documentary it will be better than most.

(Really dont get the point of Ugly Betty. Think it detracts too much
from their actual day job - producing a magazine! There's just way too much drama going on there and dont get me started on The Hills!)

As much as its about
seeing how a 'real' fashion magazine works, even someone who loves and appreciates good clothes will be into some of these titles.

It was at the Edinburgh Festival and supposedly out elsewhere in the UK today:

Electric Cinema, Notting Hill
Everyman Cinema, Hampstead
Curzon, Mayfair
Richmix, Bethnal Green

If you can wait, you can get it from Amazon by pre-order and
due out 21st September:

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