The female of the species is now hairier than the male…


Since my university days when my good friend
T used to drag me out of bed on Saturday mornings to get my eyebrows threaded into shape, I've been a victim to the torturous string,
but loving the results.

Obviously, I had them done for the wedding but I haven't
touched them
since, so
when I looked in the mirror about
a month ago, the caterpillars sprawling across my face would have scared any self respecting beautician. But the funny thing was.....I kinda liked it!

So it is that its now been two months since my eyebrows were anywhere near a piece of thread and the more they grow back, the more I love them! Somehow the I-can't-be-bothered-I'm-married-now-who's-going-to-look-at-me-anyway style, really appeals to me. (Don't get me wrong I also happen to think I look pretty cool in a French, 'I'm natural and beautiful' kind of way.)

For weeks I've been laughing as my friends
tell me
their threading/plucking/waxing stories, safe in the knowledge that I am different and not a slave to this groomed necessity. So imagine my HORROR when I read in the Metro or Stylist (one of the London free publications anyway), that the Brooke Shields look is back in!!!!

NOT happy. But just so you know...I was doing it first.

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  • One response to “The female of the species is now hairier than the male…”

    1. Anonymous says:

      lol! It's so funny you should say this…I actually stopped waxing my eyebrows about 4/5 months ago? And was really because I wanted fuller brows and now, I'm sort of loving the look! I still use a pencil and brush to define, but I do feel very au naturel 🙂 Tilly

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