The Born-again Bride


My handsome
husband and I on our actual wedding day
I didn't grow up drawing dress designs and saving for
that special venue but when planning our
own, I finally got a taste for why weddings are such big business.
This is probably the day when a woman looks the best she has ever looked, the men have to be groomed, the food and drink is flowing freely
and everybody is happy...well, most of the time!

On social networking sites for weddings such as, LYBs (Last Year's Brides) lament over the free time they suddenly have and the feeling that the excitement and anticipation of TBD (The Big Day) has gone.
Luckily, I didnt experience any PBD (Post-Bride Depression) but what did happen was that I suddenly became obsessed with weddings. The dresses, the invitation designs, the bouquets, the bridal underwear, the decorations, the cake, the music, the venue, the gift list, the wedding website, the photographer...I've always loved being involved in event planning but there is something so special about the uniting of a man and woman before God that just makes me really really happy...

For various reasons we didn't have any dancing at our wedding and as its something we both love to do we hope to have an anniversary party but if
my darling husband
let me wear another amazing wedding dress to have a second wedding, I would wear this absolute beauty by Biba at House of Fraser.

At £695, it's a fraction of the price you'd pay for a designer wedding gown and yet its a beautiful example of a classic bride without being too old-fashioned.
For my own wedding I wore
a strapless
to show off my shoulders and as I haven't got any hips to flatter I went for a fishtail gown which was only thanks to my BA (Bridal Assistant) who convinced me that a princess dress would make me look like a giant meringue (I'm 5'11 so this was pretty accurate). I tried on lots of dresses before I found 'The One' but this one by Rosa Clara
obviously missed my wedding antenna...

Also, if I'd known about Ultimo's backless body, I may have opted for a gorgeous gown like one of these from Luella's Boudoir in Wimbedon Village:

And with all that skin on show I'd recommend my latest
body butter
discovery by Eden's Secret. I had already fallen in
love with
whipped shea butter
really softens my skin
but the one I bought from Eden's Secret
scented to smell like Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume
and with this combination,
it's easily the best skincare product I have ever bought!
The 300gm pots should last ages unless you're greedy like me and use it twice a day, and for such a luxurious product I'm amazed that
it costs little over £10.

One thing I would definitely keep the same was my bouquet which I LOVED. I'm not really into flowers and I was reluctant to spend lots of money on a bouquet which would die, be crushed by man-hungry singletons, or forgotten in one of the wedding cars. So I made my own with a collection of over 50 brooches with some given to me by friends and family and others bought from car boot sales and charity shops. I used green floral wire to put it together and one of the members of the charity
I work for kindly bought me the floral base. Using scraps of material from my dress, my colleague sewed it together to make a thick ribbon which I then wrapped around the handle.

Shoes. Now I have a thing about shoes. Maybe something to do with the fact that being a massive size 8 its hard to get them in my size...or because they look good on the end of my legs. Either way, they play a large part in my wardrobe to which my husband can testify! For my wedding I wore some that I had bought from Faith a couple of years before - don't ask, but who can resist a pair of gorgeous shoes in the sale, even if they are wedding shoes and you're single?! I find traditional wedding shoes quite boring so when I saw Kerrie Luft's designs I
thought I'd found a perfect pair.
Unfortunately, although
I badgered this poor designer about her shoes for ages, she wasn't selling them in time for my wedding :(

So...I got married almost 9 months ago and I'm now seeing the benefit of getting married (albeit to the same person) every year a la Seal and Heidi Klum who keep
their love alive
by regularly
renewing their wedding vows.

Seal'd with a kiss!
and Heidi
renew their vows in style in


As Seal says, 'You remember who it was you fell in love with. It's also a good excuse to have a big party, and we have a different theme every year.'

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