Thank God for eBay!


I'm not one of those bloggers that is not only able to look amazing everyday but is also then able to post photos of themselves looking fabulous on a regular basis. And to be honest, even if I did, my unhealthy 'lazy blogger syndrome' would prevent you from sampling my material delights more often than once a month!

But. On some days I am satisfied, proud even, of what manages to come out of my wardrobe in the early morning clothes dash which leads
to my husband (who has the patience of a saint) offering to iron anything for me as long as we can leave, "NOW."

Last week I managed to look half-decent two days in a row and considering the night between those days involved an impromptu stay at my in-laws, this was no mean feat. Luckily, I am one of those girls who is, as my husband has nicknamed, a Secret Shopper. For me this involves receiving lovely weekly parcels from the online versions of my favourite stores but mostly from eBay. I'll explain more later...

Day 1
I love love love my leather jacket. My husband bought it for me about three years ago just after I got back from a holiday with the girls - it was a welcome home present and yes my husband is amazing. It's from Topshop's Tall section and it goes with practically everything.

The dress is from Zara. I have to point out here that although I do love Zara clothes, the customer service is absolutely apalling so I avoid it when I can. I actually found this gorgeous long sleeved vision of loveliness in one of their Oxford Street stores but when the sales assistant was removing the security tag at the till, I noticed a gaping hole in it! Naturally I pointed this out and was told "Look its only a small hole and its in the sale anyway why not just take it home and sew it yourself?". No I am not kidding.

Anyway despite this ingenious suggestion I decided not to buy it instore but I still really wanted the dress so the Secret Shopper in me decided to give eBay a go to see if I could find it on there. Five days of trawling later I found the dress and bought it for the same price at which Zara was selling it. And no hole.

Day 2

Early Easter dinner with my lovely in-laws meant my husband and I were reluctant to take the long journey home so we decided to stay. Now boys are easy so my husband wasn't worried about wearing the same thing the next day, its easier for them, one suit is pretty much like another!

However, having made an impression with a bright summery dress during April's showers I wasn't keen on repeating the look two days in a row. Luckily for me, my almost four years in post means I have built up a box of 'reserves' in the office. This mainly consists of a few pairs of high heels that I can't walk far in outside of the office but aren't quite nice enough to sit at home in my actual wardrobe, spare tights for when mine inevitably ladder, two knee length skirts for when mine don't quite pass HR, a scarf, a cardigan and a jumper for when the office heating breaks down.

Also luckily for me I had just received another parcel from eBay. This one a 'nude' (you know what colour I mean, I'm not going into this argument!) coloured dress which I wasn't quite sure about but had been convinced of by a colleague and my favourite stylist Tanesha Westcarr of Styling Says. It was advertised as
BNWOT (That's Brand New Without Tags for any eBay virgins) from online store ASOS and I got it for only £10.

I've got a short torso so Tanesha recommended I wear this with a skinny belt - mine was in leather from Liz Clairbourne and £1 from a charity shop in North-West London - to lengthen it and to enhance the difference between my waist and hips. I teamed this with my 'spare' navy tights, a light silk-mix cardigan (Rosemunde) and my multi-coloured 10-year-old stilettoes are from New Look purchased during my university days.

And all in FIVE minutes before the rest of the office got in so I avoided any accusatory stares!

Secret Shopper I may be but well done me :)

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    1. Donnamaree says:

      Great post Tola x

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