Testament of Faith – Alison Cameron, makeup artist


I met Alison when she was doing my wedding makeup trial (she is awesome by the way but I'd snap her up fast before she gets totally booked up!) and her story is so inspiring I
asked if I could
share it with you all...

"I used to be a backing dancer on shows like Top of the Pops and toured all over Europe dancing for people like Beyonce, 50 cent and the Black eyed Peas, wearing skimpy costumes, drinking a lot and smoking 20 cigarettes a day. I had no boundaries and fully believed I was having the time of my life.

When I was 19 I overdosed on heroin. I had kidney failure and was in intensive care for three weeks. Thankfully I recovered and escaped without any lasting side effects.

One Sunday my friend invited me to church and I found myself agreeing. No one had ever invited me before and I was never particularly religious but I always had a sense that there was a God. I had a weird feeling I should go and I guess in my own way I wanted to thank him for saving me from dying from my overdose.

The pastor spoke about salvation and forgiveness and when he invited people up to the front I felt myself getting up... like my legs were moving by themselves! I said the prayer of salvation without really understanding the true weight and gravity but wanting to know Jesus.

My conversion wasn’t instant, I spent two years compromising before the penny finally dropped. I had been seeking a deeper relationship and was tired of being lukewarm.

I stopped dancing in 2005, as I felt like I was compromising my faith. I started working on makeup counters, just to bring the cash in. I turned out to be quite good and was told that my makeup test to work for MAC was the best they’d ever seen! I truly believe that because I gave up dancing for Him, God supernaturally favoured me.

Four years on I have my own company Alison Cameron Makeup and have worked for celebrities such as the Scissor Sisters and Mark Ronson. I worked on Britain's Next Top Model earlier this year and am happily married."

some of
Alison's fantastic work at:


Or catch up with her on shoots via her blog:


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