Ten days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends…


Giving to charity

Sometimes I forget to appreciate what I do have and spend pointless time fretting over what I don't have.
Eg. I don't
have a walk in wardrobe a la Paris Hilton (using the spare room for extra storage doesn't count) but I do have a pretty awesome husband (yay! still relish
using that word!) and live in a
beautiful apartment with a Waitrose and Marks
& Spencer on the same road.

Love winter or hate it, its appreciated by all when there's a nice and cosy alternative in the shape of your home but if the current cold weather is anything to go by,
the homeless will really suffer in the next month or so. Visit www.crisis.org.uk
to see what you can do.

And here are
some other
that could use your help to help others this Christmas:

Refuge has teamed up with John Lewis to create a wonderful Christmas list. "In the past we have had such generous support but have found it difficult to distribute all the presents to all the women and children in the refuges and services. Through this online list we aim to ensure that every child and mum will have a joyful Christmas."

Please have a look at the gift list and support women and children at Christmas:

Refuge Christmas list 2010

The Salvation Army have advised: “From Saturday 20 November to Saturday 18 December, we're asking for new, unwrapped gifts and gift cards to be donated at your local Salvation Army, Superdrug stores across the UK, and at other local shops and retailers in your community.”

That gives you three days to start clearing out your cupboards and making room for more Christmas presents!

Ten days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends...
Giving to charity
Date night for two
and Lycon Precision waxing

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