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Next Level Ministries believe that maintaining your residence in the Kingdom of God is as important as entering it. So if you’ve been searching for a fun night out which doesn’t involve being accosted by Dutty Wine’ing wannabes, your perfect weave drenched in cigarette smoke or compromising your faith in any way; look no further because Next Level are going to take you there….

Next Level Ministries is an Events Management company specialising in events catering to the needs of what they call the ‘Young Kingdom Generation’.

It hopes to encourage the kingdom lifestyle. Living right. Not throwing Jesus in your face but adhering to the truth which is that He is “the way” and not “a way”.

CEO Hassan Sulaiman says, “the idea was first birthed from an event my team organized for my old church (Resurrection House). We organized a ball and we got so much positive feedback we thought ‘we have to do this again!’”

Next Level Ministries was initially tailored for young people but they have since discovered a much widened niche in the market for events that do not exclude the older generation from the presence of the younger and vice versa.“We have found that the older generation need events as much as we do, it’s almost like they have forgotten how to have fun so we aim to spice up their lives in every way possible which means we may have to be a bit more sophisticated about it!”
So far, Next Level Ministries has been the force behind Hassan’s private party for his 21st, Kings and Queens - a Christmas Ball held last December, Jazz 4 U - a sophisticated but relaxed long night of Jazz and they also provided the work force behind Commission’s EP launch in January.

In terms of the events they put on, Hassan says they try and be open minded and aim to organize everything and anything possible which creates an atmosphere of fun without compromise.Plans for future events include poetry nights, fashion shows, comedy nights, theatre nights, seminars and talk shows.

“My church supported the vision and sowed that first seed but we aim to be wholly independent and rely on income and profits made from events.”

And front man Hassan has some tricks up his sleeve, “we pay for caterers, venues, artists and everything just like everyone else but I’m a bit of a business man so I definitely will haggle!”

Currently their main venue is at Kings Cross’s Holiday Inn - a plush and yet intimate venue providing the class and comfort Next Level execute through their events. Guest speakers and performers have included the talented Marsha Garrick, powerful life coach Action Jackson, soulful trio Nu Soul amongst others and with the help of a beautiful buffet, their evenings leave nothing to be desired.

At the hugely successful Kings and Queen Ball, visitors were treated to comedy, games, music, food and laughter and tickets were sold out by mid-week prior to the event.

“We only really use a basic advertising ‘system’ involving emails and fliers but the most effective way has proven to be word of mouth.”

Word has it that the Kings and Queens who attended had so much fun that they took control of the dance floor with the famous Electric Slide dance, and even when the DJ had all but packed up his things and left, made their own music Acapella style with moves to make both Michael Jackson and the You Got Served cast proud!

One visitor had this to say:

“Next Level ministries!! I’m loving the vision and I pray you continue to grow and keep blessing us with the ministry. Kings and Queens was possibly the 1st event I’ve paid for and afterwards was differently happy to have contributed - I felt like a big boy in my suit!” (Chisom aka Favour)
With an 8-strong team and the help of family, friends and the start-up support of Jesus House church in Brent Cross, this company has already come a long way in little over 6 months and are eager to keep on growing.

So what does the future hold for NLM?

“Well if we are talking about the future then we want to achieve everything and more….like what Richard Branson has achieved with Virgin! So… Next Level Airlines, Next Level Trains, Next Level Hotels, Next Level Gyms, EVERYTHING and anything as long as we are glorifying God and ‘taking your life to the next level‘.”

To contact Next Level Ministries

Renike (team secretary): 07950 278 079
Email: nextlevelministries@hotmail.co.uk
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nxtlevelministry

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