Sunny Days and UCM’s


This afternoon I had a not uncommon experience for us women; an encounter with a chirpser.
(For those of you not in the ‘know’, that means that I was chatted up by a UCM - Unidentified Chirpsing Male.)
Usually I am rather abrupt with such perpetrators and either walk away or ignore them. This time, however, I listened and the conversation that ensued made me think.

It must have been the beautiful sun and hot weather that had me even listening to the dark skinned, pudgy Jamaican man who approached me and asked if I could help him with directions. (Jodie, when I txt u saying, ‘help! ring me!‘, can u please do it.) I turned my head toward him to reply but when I saw how intense his stare was, I quickly looked away - havent you heard about evil spirits being transferred through the eyes?!

“Can I have directions to your name?”

Yes he really did say that. I actually laughed out loud it was so funny. He walked with me a while longer while we discussed why women in England are more abrupt and rude to UCM’s compared with women in the Caribbean. He blamed the women, I blame the weather and lifestyle. Who has time to stop and talk in this country where we are always running to the tube, work, job interview, our next job, the sales, the nanny, or our cars to avoid being clamped….etc?

Then he moved on to my eyes, my figure, the way I dressed. All very impressive apparently and he informed me that you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she dresses….there you go fashion people, your jobs are extremely important!

Anyway after fobbing him off with the old ‘sorry I have a boyfriend’ excuse, he left. It was funny, I’d actually enjoyed the conversation knowing it wasn’t going anywhere but then I wondered, if UCMs are so constantly rebuffed as my admirer claimed, what makes them keep on trying and do we as Christians have this same ‘get up and try again’ attitude when evangelising?

I also wonder whether he would have been so interested had he known that I didn’t shave my armpits this morning, that under my fashionable head band, my hair was showing disgraceful signs of regrowth or that I have been successfully holding my stomach in for years…..

Christ Couture Girl :)

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  • 2 responses to “Sunny Days and UCM’s”

    1. Anonymous says:

      sweet pea you raise interesting questions here.
      1. Do Christians have the get-up and go attitude we have to leave a lasting impact on more lives
      2. Why are women bothered by what the people, we have no intention of being with or even being friends with think?

      On another note, there’s something really disturbing about a man who just walks up to you, with abysmal lines and expects. For one thing i’m sure he’d be pleasantly surprised if you accepted a date. For another, a woman has to admit, the attention is always welcome…

      Irrespective of the bushy armpit and the knappy hair, girl you looked hot enough for even a stray to chase… some confidence boosting ingreients right there.

    2. Mayor says:

      Funny and thought provoking post. Interesting blog I must say.

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