Solution to: Low rise jeans + thong = bodysuits


I know I'm a bit slow but I'm now
totally into
the answer to the problems faced by ladies who like wearing
low rise jeans with thongs. Actually, the problem isnt faced by them, it's faced by the rest of the nearest surrounding population who are forced to witness the unsightly views proffered by the offenders.
(Baggy pants under low rise jeans arent so bad as they offer a shield of material between sensitive eyes and the sight of a wide expanse of flesh.)

Bodysuits. Or, for those who immediately conjured up images of Superman,
cotton leotards with poppers.
Slinky and streamline they remove the issue of whether to tuck in or hang out and offer shades of modesty for mini A-line skirt wearers when blustery winds cheekily expose their undergarments.

As someone who hates wearing what everyone else wears, I'm usually a season or two behind (or ahead, depending on what part of the crazy circus that is the fashion cycle we're in) so I struggle to find what I feel like wearing, when I feel like wearing it.

Maybe its because of Beyonce's famous acclaimed Single Ladies video or maybe I just got 'lucky' but thankfully
I haven't drawn up a complete blank and have found the following:

This is an offering from - bit skeptical about the name but apparently they dont just stock Playboy and this asymetrical look will only set you back £50! I say only because this plain black item of wonder previously cost about £80. Dontcha just love the sales?

A few others
I found in my trawl:

Bar the lacy get up and the gold Bond babe designs I think
these are all pretty do-able as day wear!

Pretty and can look like a simply cut blouse under
a suit at work.(that is, if your cup size doesnt go past the letter C.)

I guess creative is the operative word here - get a plain body and 'jazz it up with accessories' like the magazines are always telling us to. Unless you're a fashion designer or a student with way too many NUS hits at Topshop or H&M - does anyone just have in their house, a box of 'vintage' buttons and ribbons waiting to be sewn on to a new top?!

This is cute and demure. Lady Gaga does this look on a regular basis only on a less demure scale but unlike her
lovely, extravagant self,
I think the rest of us should probably stick with jeans rather than tights!

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