Sex Talk – Getting Real


Date: 12/11/07

About two years ago my mum cut out a passage from the Word for Today (For all non-C's, this is a Daily Prayer guide for Christians.), framed it and placed in un-obtrusively in our toilet.

Some mid-flow pause for thought, if you like. I've read it over and over and although I fell from grace in that respect a long time ago, I love it as it makes for interesting and thought provoking reading.

Here is what it says:

"....We must not pursue the kind of sex that avoids commitment and intimacy, leaving us more lonely than ever...." 1 Corinithian 6:16 TM

Columnist Ann Landers wrote: "When a man tells you to 'prove your love' by committing fornication with him, tell him: "Girls need to prove their love through illicit sex like a moose needs a hat-rack." Why not prove your love by sticking your head in the oven and turn on the gas? Or how about playing leap-frog in traffic? It's about as safe.

Clear the cobwebs out of your head. Anybody who asks you to prove your love is trying to take you for the biggest most gullible fool that ever walked. That "proving it" bit is one of the rottenest lines ever invented. Does he love you? It doesnt sound like it. Someone who loves you wants whatever's best for you.

Figure it out. He wants you to commit an immoral act, surrender your virtue, compromise your character, throw away your self-respect, risk the loss of your reputation and risk getting pregnant, getting diseased or getting into trouble. Wise up! He wants what's best for him! He wants a thrill he can brag about at your expense. Love? Who's kidding whom? A guy who loves a girl would sooner cut off his right arm than hurt her. The truth is, this self-serving ndividual has proved that he doesn't love you at all. the predictable aftermath always finds Don Juan tiring of his sport. That's when he drops you, picks up his line and goes casting elsewhere for another equally gullible fish.

If he loves you, let him prove it; at the altar.

(Soul Food Reading: Deut 25 - 27; Mark 4:13 - 25; Psalm 119:25 - 32; Proverbs 17:11 - 15)

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  • 5 responses to “Sex Talk – Getting Real”

    1. Anonymous says:

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    2. Anonymous says:

      deep! but 3yrs though!!!
      How do u stay in a relationship and not have sex??
      that is difficult. Maybe if he had some he would be with you now. Just maybe????!!!!!

    3. Anonymous says:




    4. SUNNY PARIS says:

      oooh Tola…

      how amazing & REAL you are!!!

      I just love your honesty!!!

      you speak out of a christian chicks heart… I’m hanging in there – with you… for over one year now… yeahhhh by the grace & strength of THE MOST HIGH !!! surely not by my own… I was already close to mess it up again… but you are so right… how worth – to wait.

      Love you heaps, sunny paris

    5. vanessa says:

      lmao oh how i love you tola!
      virtual hi-five
      i`m holding on in there i really am

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