Sex and Relationships


(This post has been removed, please read explanation below.)

November 2010
I have been blogging on here since 2005
and while reading through all my posts the other day came across this one. It was
about sex and relationships so my focus was on being what is known as 'sexually pure'.
(Not that I am by the way so don't worry
I havent got a high horse to jump on ;) )

Anyway because
I wrote it
at a time when I was in that church
and my views on things were a little...shall we say 'skewed', I decided
I should probably remove it, or at least amend it so I didnt:
a) come across as a 21st Century nazi albeit in Black clothing or
b) mis-intepret the love that God has for the world He created and the people in it.

Being the
slightly scatter-brained
doll that I am, I completely forgot to change it and
want to apologise for anyone who read it and felt
attacked/slighted by it.
my intention.

My slogan for Christ Couture is Love GOD Love FASHION Love LIFE....there's alot of love in there and there's alot of love in me. Please forgive me :)


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