Serve You Only


Serve You Only by JoAnn Rosario

(Verse 1)I'm a tell you like daddy told me

In everything you do give God the glory

Every opportunity you're given

Sing your song for two as you would for a thousand

Always keep this thought in mind

Build the kingdom and you'll find

The Heavens will smile on you


Lord in everything we doDon't wanna ever take our eyes off You

Need Your spirit like we need to breathe

We wanna serve You only


(Verse 2)

As you walk out your purpose

When times get hard tell yourself it's worth it

The bottom line is you hold on

And you must believe through His spirit we're made strong

Always keep this thought in mind

Build the kingdom and you'll find

The Heavens will smile on you

(Repeat Hook)


I am nothing

Nothing without Your blessing

Teach me how

How to stay in Your presence


(Repeat Hook)


We lift Your name

All Your goodness we proclaim

And because You reign

We will trust in You

Just wanna serve You, serve You

Just wanna serve You, serve You

Just wanna serve You, serve You

Just wanna serve You only

As some of you will know, Christ Couture has been around for a number of years and I have been trying to build up a readership for this blog and hoping to develop into a magazine (hopefully in print!) in the near future. I trademarked the name with both God and man and have worked - and am still working - with my fabulous web designer on

I have had a few setbacks and this hasnt helped CC to grow as maybe it would have but I have always acknowledged that it is something God intended for me to do and as His project I dont want to rush things or get things wrong! I always said that by the time CC came out in print I wanted people to be saying WHERE is it? and not WHAT is it? That has been happening for a while and I'm constantly being asked when it will be out in print! I'm not sure when that will be but it is definitely coming by God's grace!

I regularly Google Christ Couture and was astounded the day I discovered that came top of the popular search engine's results! It is something I thanked and still thank God for as many people pay for such favour ;)

Anyway today I did my regular Google 'check' and was shocked and horrified to find that another company using the same name has not only copied my idea but has defined Christ Couture in almost exaclty the same way!

Truth be told I did expect some kind of attempt at trend following hence the 'trademarking it with God' but I did not expect such blatant plagerism! My initial reaction was crazy anger and I wanted to sue the bleep out of this person! But then I spoke to my web designer and friend and was advised otherwise.

There are times when I've felt too low to work on Christ Couture or wondered why God chose me to do it instead of someone else. In these times I havent given it my 100% as I should have. A couple of months ago I asked someone to help me design a logo and I have asked people to write for CC but my own lack of productivity has not helped move it forward and I have begun to see this as a wake up call.

I believe in Christ Couture and clearly, someone else can also see its benefits.

As with the other things going on in my life right now, I feel God telling me not to worry and to carry on doing what I'm doing. Any battle with CC is the Lord's and I give it to Him willingly.

I do not "war with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers" and I'd rather be on the Lord's side than anyone else's.

Please please if you believe in Christ Couture, please pray for it and me :)

CC Girl xx

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    1. Ray says:

      It’s understandable why u got upset but i like the way you took time and spoke to someone.. sometimes we need to cool down before we take action

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