Self-Talk from Teenage Me


People are always writing letters back to their younger selves. Warning them of pitfalls only visible in hindsight and certain things to do (save every penny) or avoid (the good looking bad boy at uni). But the thing is, you can't change the past, you can only change your future.

In this post I want to remember the younger me who thought that anything I wanted was in reach and for this younger me to pep talk current me into planning and living a reality I can love again.

Hello You!

I can't believe we're so old! How did that happen?

Uni has just finished and it's all a happy, recent blur so just in case you're having a shitty day I want to remind you of how amazing we are!

So let me just start with the fact that we were press officer for the biggest student festival in Europe, organising all the acts and interviewing them for media. The interview with singer Estelle was hilarious given the 3 minutes we were allocated with her - during the walk from the venue to her limo. We made up so many random questions on the spot to keep her from driving off! Making her laugh helped but she was super nice anyway. 

Second year we made Vice President for the Nigerian Society and organised a huge party - starting at 9pm - but by 11:30 there was no-one there! We were devastated until a big crowd of people suddenly arrived at midnight which was when the party really kicked off and it ended up being such a great night.

I wonder what we're wearing these days. We love clothes but hope you haven't gone all boring on us! Don't forget that you used to buy the same pair of shoes in different colours and then wear one on each foot. Oh and that you would wear backless tops with necklaces turned the wrong way around so that they draped down the middle of your bare back. We never could just wear something like a normal person!

We also really loved our role as a "Girl About Town" columnist for the Birmingham Evening Mail. It was such a random idea but the editor loved it and ran the column for two years! Such a buzz seeing our name, writing and pictures in print every issue. Never thought we'd be a columnist at 19, being paid to write whatever we wanted like a student-budgeted Carrie from Sex And The City!

We do love writing so I hope something has come of the random decision to start that new blogging thing we signed up to one boring day in the library. Christ Couture seems such a good name for it right? Love God and love fashion! So apt and such a good idea to have an online diary. Like my columns but we can share with the world instead of just the city of Birmingham.

How is the writing going career-wise? After all the freelance stuff we've done we should have a proper job now, maybe even at a top fashion magazine? That would be amazing! Not sure we would have made editor yet - but hopefully soon. How old do you have to be to be an editor anyway? Like 50 or something?

If not just keep trying! We were made to be a magazine editor, it's been our dream since forever. At uni it's so weird to hear other people say they don't really know what they want to do because we always have known - to write and to model.

Remember that one time we wrote to that magazine but they didn't reply so we marched down to their offices with our portfolio and CV determined to be seen? We got the job, obvs. We've always done that haven't we? If we want something we chase it until we get it - this unfortunately applies to shopping too but let's not focus on that right now!

How is the modelling going? You'll remember us getting through to the finals for Britain's Next Top Model but they wanted drama and we just wanted to model so it wasn't going to work...but did we try again? I hope so. Modelling is so much fun especially doing the fashion shows which always leaves us with such an adrenaline rush.

And speaking of adrenaline rushes, what other exciting activities have you been up to? Hopefully we've moved on from cycling in roller skates? I'll never forget that primary school report telling Mum that we had "great hand-eye coordination" and then being made netball captain at secondary school even though we (accidentally) hit the sports captain in the face with a lacrosse stick. Eek. I bet we're still competitive as ever.

I've just realised we've now been driving for over a decade! The day we passed was so amazing. We had less than 10 lessons but we were so determined to pass first time especially when Dad said he would buy us a car once we graduated. All the other drivers that day were failing but do you remember the Bible passage that we suddenly remembered from Psalm 91? It was 'a thousand may fall at your side, 10 thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.' And it didn't, whatever "it" was, because we PASSED! Mum was so pleased; probably so we could chauffeur her round after years of being taxi Mum. Don't blame her really.

Oh and I wasn't going to mention it but remember that thing that happened in first year, that really horrible thing we thought would kill us? Well it didn't, did it. We were warned about it and I bet we've made loads more "life errors" but that cliche that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger is definitely true. We're made of stern stuff!

Well I think that's enough talking from me. Uni is over now so no more studying, And now we've finally made it through, the world is our oyster!

And hey if you ever get down about work stuff, just remember that feedback we got on the interview last week: 

"Is there anything this girl can't do?"

Let's find out!

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