Predictable by Philippa Hanna

Talking talking, like I have something to say,

looking at my bitter actions when I know a better way,

as the words come out I try to catch and swallow, them away but I cannot,

do that.

Read my NIV and I reflect on what I say

And I play my insecurities like music in my head

but at least I can take comfort that I've done much better than

I would've done last year

Why dont I, do the things I wanna do

but I do the things I say, I dont wanna do

I do it anyway, what am I gonna do

Cos I'm at a loss, why, I'm so predictable

Say what I dont wanna say

And then I play the games I,

Say I dont wanna play

I do it anyway

What am I gonna do

Coz I'm at a loss, why, I'm so predictable

(Romans 7:15)

I'm loving this song at the moment thanks to my free sample CD from Authentic Media which I got last week at CRE (Christian Resources Exhibition).

We're surrounded by people who do things we dont do, say we dont do and dont want to do.

But oh how easily we got caught up and ended up doing those same things.

But here is an important verse from Philippa's song that I want to pass on to you:

And though I could be so much more, so much better

but thankfully He told me in this long love letter

He wil never give up on me

No He'll never give up on me

and He will never give up on you.

:) CC Girl xx

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