Post-holiday blues…


I've been back from the sunny climes of the Caribbean for almost two weeks and I am daily wishing myself back there!

An abundance of lovely food, drink, clean sand, music, fun and activities, new friends, lazy mornings and relaxing afternoons all packaged up in the beauty of luxury is something that's been hard to be without.

Did I miss the fact that I had no access to my Blackberry messenger? No. Did I miss logging on to Twitter or Facebook every day to see the latest pair of shoes my friend has bought or to find out what was happening on the Apprentice? No. My only techie friend was my Kindle and she and I are so well acquainted now that my iPad, laptop and Blackberry have reason enough to be jealous.

Plus my husband and I weren't impressed to come back and have to make our own dinner, make our own bed and do our own laundry. What???

So yes I am back. And yes I have post-holiday blues.

I'll be back when I've recovered...

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