Party Girl


Song on My Mind: Who Are They - Megan Rochell (Slightly adapted!)

Date: 2/11/07

“Who Are They? Cuz They Talk Too Much But They Don't Know Cuz They Ain't Us Who Are They? The Ones That (Play) Cuz They (Can't) Do friendship Like We Does (And They) We Ain't Gotta Waste No Time On (They) Shouldn't Even Cross Our Minds Girl (They) Don't U Know By Now That It Don't Matter What They Say Who Are They? ”

I have been called a lot of things in my time. When I was about 9 we met this little girl called Candice who was about my brother's age (4 years younger).

She was a light skinned Black girl with beautiful hair, she was sooooo cute! I dont think I'd ever heard the name before and I loved it so much I decided to make it mine. Seriously I wrote it as my middle name at every chance I got! I even had a letter from the Inland Revenue once with that name on it which was pretty funny considering....

Recently a new friend of mine called me a Party Girl. Another one called me Black Barbie which is nothing new to those who know me but it made me wonder about how I'm viewed by others. When people talk or think about me what kind of person do they envisage?

I suppose I used to be a Party Girl but I'm also pretty shy sometimes; I love playing Buzz on my bro's PS2 (havent got my pink one yet), dancing by myself in the middle of an empty room with music full blast, driving, dinner dates, writing, meeting new people....does this make me sound really sad? like someone not too serious about life? My brother and sister are two of the most intelligent people I know - in comparison I'm 'the one who's interested in Fashion'!

Some of my friends are like me and some are the complete opposite. I have good friends I speak to everyday, good friends I speak to once every few months and ex friends that will possibly always stay in my memory.

At school one of my teachers said to me when I was dealing with an insecurity issue: "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are."

Recently I was asked if I "got down" like one of my friends. I asked what that meant but you can probably guess. I said I dont but it doesnt stop me being friends with her. Should it? i dont know but I really love that girl and I believe for whatever reason that God wants her so Ill just keep praying for her....that is when I remember to, in between my moaning to God with my own problems :)

Love and Blessings to you all..

CC Girl xx

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  • 2 responses to “Party Girl”

    1. Alex Ndubai says:

      This is my first time commenting on your blog but i’ll try keep it short.

      The party girl/barbie persona in my view is merely a matter of perception or mis-perception. As is common knowledge, people will ALWAYS judge not just you but the general population based on outward appearance, never really giving thought to the inner being, the true personality. Now, bear in mind that it is the perogative of every individual to be an INDIVIDUAL..and with that comes certain responsibilities and facts to bear in mind..The image you choose to take on outwardly will determine how people percieve you. We live in a cash rich time poor society thus leaving us little time to seek out the inner being in everyone. where does this leave society? In a place where pretty much everyone is misunderstood only because the choose an image that is inherently not themselves. It all boils down to how you want to be perceived, understood and intepreted. Think about how many times a day you draw quick conclusions about people you encounter.
      I say, BE as much of yourself as you can BE if anything. Because the only comfort we have in this world is the fact that we will be judged at least an infinite times a deal with it..accept yourself as you are and realise that you do have control over how people perceive you. dont waste time pondering over why people see you as you are. Simply take a look in the mirror and as the tech guys say…correlate your current image with your true self.. see how much further that takes you..Humility is the key point in this message..Alex Ndubai

    2. Interesting….
      Yea, v interesting. (We need to pencil in a date missus!) MEC

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