Nine days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends…


Bible Reading Notes

Sometimes when reading the Bible I find that just reading it isn't enough. I want to dissect it, to share thoughts with others and to really understand
what it means for me in my life
today. Having a Bible study group of 'fellowship' is great for this but I also find that I value Bible 'guides' too.

There are guides for couples, singles, young people, older people, teenagers, students, families, parents etc. However, with
so many around it can be hard to choose just one to match your needs!

For Christ Couture girls (Love God, Love Fashion, Love Life? Then that includes you!), I find Day by Day with God is a helpful guide with the aim of 'rooting women's lives in the Bible'.

In their own words: Each day's reading in Day by Day with God provides a suggested Bible reading, with the key verse written out in full, and a comment written by a regular team of contributors. The Bible text is explained and applied especially for women, by women who have themselves found the Bible a source of strength and inspiration for life.

A suggested daily prayer or meditation is included, and that plus the further readings to explore will help you connect the daily notes with your own spiritual journey as you seek to follow Jesus more closely.

Day by Day with God is commissioned and edited by Catherine Butcher, and is published every four months - in January, May and September. Each single copy (covering a period of four months), costs £3.95 and there is a reduction for subscriptions.

Click here to read a sample or
purchase a copy direct from the website.

Nine days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends...
Bible Reading Notes
Giving to charity
Date night for two
and Lycon Precision waxing

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  • 3 responses to “Nine days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends…”

    1. Anonymous says:

      I prefer Bible reading notes that have more Bible content. Word for Today only gives a verse of Bible and then a longer comment. Day by Day with God gives at least 20 verses of the Bible so readers can really root their lives in what God says – rather than the thoughts of a contributor. No matter how good the comments are, it's God's words that make the difference.

    2. I love Word for Today! They hand it out at my church actually so I need to get my copy!

    3. Caroline says:

      had a look at this, it looks good- it's good to have some notes from a woman's perspective sometimes! Maybe a new year's resolution for me… 🙂 I do use some bible reading notes at the moment – Word for Today, have you heard about it? I really like it, the readings are short which is helpful for me in the mornings when I never seem to have enough time! It's from ucb, if anyone's interested! XX

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