New York, New York! What’s not to love?


I'm back!

The last few weeks have been
a bit whirlwind
but as my friend pointed out - there's no point in having a blog if you don't post on it so I want to apologise for
going AWOL!

As a MoJo (Model/Journalist for those who didn't know me in my more creative days!), New York
has always been
on my 'need to visit' list
and at the beginning of April, I finally got the chance to go. I don't know where I found a man who
thinks a boys' holiday to Glastonbury is on par with a girls' holiday to New York but I got him and it was with that understanding that he decided
to finance my
week in the Big Apple!

I stayed with a friend's cousin in mid-town Manhattan - a stone's throw from Times Square and perfect for spectacular views of the Hudson River. It took me a few days to work my way around the Subway system - not that different to London's Underground so it wasn't that difficult but a week was definitely not enough time to explore!

My memories of New York involve a steady stream of consciousness involving:

‎Times Square, pancakes, 'Mother Burgers', ESPN parties, being
in the audience at the Wendy Willams show, sore feet from walking for miles, Forever 21, ESPIRIT Outlet, Sylvia's Soul food restaurant in Harlem, MAC, Shopping with Janelle Monae in Chanel on Park Avenue, Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn's Botanical Gardens,
Self-help books at Barnes and Nobles,Thai at Yum Yum, Will and Kate the movie, Models for Christ, Hillsong New York, Bleecker Street, Macy's, Saks 5th Avenue,
Central Park, 230 Fifth rooftop bar, Brooklyn Bridge, meeting in-laws, Dining at SUD vino e cucina, Upper East Side Brownstones, the Subway and Metro cards new persona as a Namibian model.

Dancing on the Subway - great art is everywhere in New York

Freshly made tirimasu at SUD - yum!

A few years ago while working for an online magazine called Streetbrand, I came across Models for Christ, a
non-profit organisation
aimed at supporting
for Christians working in the fashion industry. At the time, if I'm honest, I was skeptical about whether it was a genuine organisation but now, having met
some of the girls
I feel very humbled by my judgemental thinking.

I arranged to meet one of their local small groups in New York and was met at Starbucks (there are Starbucks
by their summer intern Claire - one of the most genuine, God loving Christians I have ever met! Along with three other girls -
an interior designer/stylist, a photographer and a model - we studied the Bible and shared our experiences of God and how we have
felt His love work in us even in
negative situations. These stories are personal and I felt so honoured to be able to share with the girls who were open and honest and in some cases even tearful.

This was on my second day in New York and it really set the tone for a fantastic holiday. The group reminded me of what I have tried to do with Christ Couture here in the UK and with
the small group I started a few years ago
at a local church.

With everything I have gone through in the last few years I cannot stress enough,
how important it is to have fellowship with like-minded people and if I lived in New York, these would definitely be my people! The fashion world can be a lonely place for a Christian and Models for Christ is the support network
the industry

My other standout experience was Hillsong Church in New York. It only opened in Autumn 2010 and so is relatively new but I have never had a church experience quite like it! I've been to and love Hillsong Church in London but this one had a different vibe and it was a vibe I loved. If I lived in New York, it would certainly be my home church (sensing a theme here??)! There was a feeling of joy, love and expectancy and the pastor, Carl Lentz shared a passionate message on leading a spirit-led life: 'A spirit-led life is not like burger king, you can't have it your way!'.

Amongst his call for Christians to lead a life spirit-led, spirit-fed and spirit-driven, he talked about the importance of knowing God for yourself, building up your own relationship and, if in doubt, going back to the Bible
to check for
if you're not sure about something a pastor/preacher/vicar tells you. (He included himself in this!) It's not news for a long-term Christian but I do feel its a messgae that needs to be fed through the Christian community especially with the amount of stuff available on the Internet and in printed form, claiming various biblical 'truths'. I can't go on about this church enough, it touched my heart! And if you're visiting New York or are in New York and looking for a church, Hillsong Church
NYC currently meet
at Irving Plaza in Union Square and have three Sunday services, 11am, 5pm and 7pm.

I LOVED New York. As in, loved it! The variety of food is amazing, the people are friendly - ok so we played up our English accents a bit which helped get us noticed! - and I came back with what my friend Teiko calls the 'empire state of mind'. I feel more confident and re-energised so I'm hoping it lasts longer than the time it takes my nails to dry on a sunny day...!


Hillsong Church NYC
Models for Christ

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    1. Aww you should go back! I want to go every year 🙂

    2. Loved the post hun and enjoyed living vicariously through you! I've been wanting to go back to NY for years and hoped to go for my birthday this year but I'm not sure it will be feasible. Maybe next year though? Thanks for sharing!

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