New Flat Persuasions..


Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Doris Day (Be sure to play the video at the end whilst reading!)

List of Things to Do:

  • Get a New Job
  • Get a New Job
  • Move Out
  • Get a New Job

Somehow flat hunting has completely lost the allure it seemed to have when I was at uni.

This is probably because with the Bank of Daddy and The Student Loan Company intact, I found everything extremely exciting. Not so post-Grad. Now that I'm looking at a long term rental as opposed to a 9 month fun-pad with friends, the prospect is extremely daunting.

Still, it would probably help if I wasnt so fussy. Yesterday I went to see a flat based near my workplace and although the area doesnt really do it for me and the car park looked a bit dodgy, there was one aspect that definitely ADDED to its appeal; the owner works in Marketing and more specifically, on the BAILEYS account!!!

Is that a bad reason to want to live somewhere? She was really nice too and had a cute kitsch (read Old), orange and brown kitchen. The only downside was that the room is just a little too small for me and my ever expanding wardrobe and a double bed is something on which I'm not quite ready to compromise.

Last Monday I went on a second viewing for a beautiful flat in a new build attempt at the town of Stepford. The lawns were manicured, the people gorgeous and as its a good mile walk away from the nearest Boris Johnson express, you wont have much of a problem with unwanted/uninvited visitors. That is unless you know lots of cycling Eco Warriors, in which case you can take advantage of the electric gate guarding the area.

What I objected to in this case was the price. (Did I mention I needed a new job?) Oh and the fact that the estate agent gave me my first claustrophobic experience ever when he said in the lift,

"still got that amazing body I see.."
(still not really sure if that was a question or statement hence the lack of grammatical closure in that quote.)

My non-committal noise in response obviously did nothing to put him off as he later asked me if I had a boyfriend and went on to say that I should be modelling and was wasted working at ******* . While I strongly agree with the latter part of his statement, I do wonder the relevance given the situation. I mean I'm all for flattery and consideration but if it's not going to get me the flat at a price I want - STOP TALKING!

CC Girl x

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    1. Anonymous says:

      hahahahahaha….pics look beautiful. Get a place like that and I’m so visiting… every weekend!!! Like the heeled look over london pic too. Totally hot!!

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