My Daily Cloth Day 16


#FromTheInsideOut #Day16

#ScriptureOfTheDay #Psalm30:5
"Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning."

Wearing: dress #Zara, mini stole #Topshop, belt #LizClairbourne, cardigan #JackWills (as before), coat #Emmanuela (designer dressmaker to Princess Diana)

Inspiration: I have just come back from the funeral of one of the most beautiful and inspirational women I have ever met.

I first met my Pastor's wife when I was 13 and she has been an amazing seemingly endless source of love and support ever since.

When I first put pink in my hair, Patricia was all for it and everafter alternated between calling me Miss Pinky and Daddy Long Legs. She loved bright colours and requested that no one at her funeral wear black. When she was little older than I am now, she was told she wouldn't live much past 50. She died age 78. To God be the glory and rest in Paradise my beautiful namesake.

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