My 2012 in alphabetical order



Having discovered that some of my ancestors went to Cambridge, I realised that I have a lot to live up to!

I'm very proud of my heritage. Aren't they a dapper-looking bunch?!

B is for BOOTS

Well shoes had to come in here somewhere! This is just a round-up of my fave boot purchases this year
I was a little late on to the shoe-boot wagon but once I got on it, I got on it - these suede beauties are the best out there!
My friend said these look like they were made out of carpet (and why is that a bad thing?) but he's a boy and what do they know?

Yes I did actually buy them! Its amazing what you can find time to do while waiting for a train...

Don't judge. See 'S' to see why these were a necessary addition to my wardrobe this year!

C is for CAROL singing

It was nerve-racking, my throat went hoarse and I almost didn't do it but I'm so glad I did because together with 20-odd other members of staff, friends of staff and members, we managed to raise £1500 in one day for grassroots charity Mothers' Union supporting hundreds of thousands of families around the world!

D is for DAD

I didn't grow up with mine so it was lovely to see more of him in 2012.
On holiday in Thailand
E is for EDWARD

We've had a really tough second year of marriage and I don't know how we got through but I'm grateful to my lovely husband for putting up with me and looking forward to many more years together!

F is for FASHION

If you live in the UK but outside of the capital its quite likely that London Fashion Week or #LFW in Twitter speak, passes by you like another grey cloud in winter but for the rest of us its the one time where fashion comes into its own. Londoners are a pretty eclectic crowd anyway but twice a year, in February and September the word fashion takes on many forms as everyone gets creative for the occasion.

Most of the stuff on the catwalk is unwearable right? Not practical for everyday or getting about on public transport or for chairing important meetings at work where you want people to take you seriously? As an experiment I took one look from a random show each day of Fashion Week in February and tried to see how practical it really was.

You can read about and rate my success - or not! - on this blog starting here.

G is for GOLD

This was taken by one of my favourite 'togs (short for photographer) in the world. Her name is Dimitra Sardi and we worked with make-up maestro Constance Lawson to get this pic and many others. I was painted from head to toe in gold paint and although I said I'd never do a naked shoot this worked out better than I could have imagined!

Ok this was actually a shoot done at the tail end of 2011 so cheating a little but I didn't mention it in my
2011 - Year in pictures so thought I'd include it here!

H is for HOLIDAYS!

My favourite time of year! We went to Dominican Republic in June and Cornwall in October and they were both fantastic holidays - great fun and much-needed rest!

The Dom Rep
Bude, Cornwall

Our gorgeous digs at Wooldown Holiday cottages - Book now!

I is for my favourite INDEPENDENT lady turning 30!

This beautiful, caring and incredibly successful girl has been my big sister since our ages were in single figures and we had a great time at her fabulous afternoon tea at the stunning Bentley Hotel which included irresistable personalised cocktails!

J is for JUMPING out of the box (just 'thinking' is so 2011)

Last December I was made editor of a consumer publication reaching around 30,000 subscribers every two months and this was my first cover. The organisation behind Families First is based on Christian values and ethics so this cover caused quite a lot of controversy but I thought it important to highlight what is seen to be the biggest shake up in the Church since the era of Henry VIII.

You can order this back copy and find out what all the hype was about or subscribe to the magazine by calling the office on 020 7222 5533 or visiting the website to order online from our gift shop.


Who says fashion can't be fun? Thanks to my JBFF for this fantastic winter-wear gift!


There have been tears but I have also laughed alot this year and hope to laugh more in 2013 :)

M is for MEMBER

I've been to Soho House and thought it was overated but when I visited this place for a party I fell in love! So this was a first for me as I joined a members-only club in London. Unlike most of the others that discriminate by pound signs these one is for those in the creative industry and currently offers a discount for those under-30 so I thought I'd get in there while I still can!


Sammy Aki - don't know her yet? You soon will!

Featured in London's most-read daily The Metro!

Not usually a fan of name-dropping but when it's my own cousin surely I have the right?! I'm super proud of the gorgeous Sammy Aki who is bringing men's styling into its own as a freelance groom style consultant.

is for ONESIE

Now I actually got my first onesie in 2008 from The All In One Company but in 2012 I also got a 'skinny onesie' made out of cotton and slightly more feminine than my cuddly zebra one and also managed to convert my husband who is now also a onesie fan!

I know I'm bound to be biased but I think he wears it pretty well - what do you think?


The most amazing time for me this year was being pregnant. Although we lost our baby when I went into early labour at almost six months, Annie lived for two hours and I will always remember her being a very welcome nuiscance in my womb :)

Q is for QUAVERS!

What can I say other than that I was totally addicted to these while I was pregnant - any excuse! ;)

R is for REUNION

You could say that there's a reason you're not in touch with some of your old school friends. If they needed to be in your life, you'd be in touch with them already right? Not so!

I had a great time with a few of my 'long-lost' school friends at our 10-year reunion and renewed some too ;)

S is for SKIING!

Pic courtesy of

I flew to Geneva and was then escorted across the border to the French Alps by travel company Richmond Christian Holidays and it was, in the words of the youth today, totes amazeballs!

Not only did I learn to ski but I also fell in love with chalet life so if a fantastic adrenaline rush, early morning and late night walks in soft white snow, yummy hot chocolate, good French food, lots of wine and champagne, hot tubs and fellowship is something you look for in a holiday I suggest you stop here - Richmond Christian Holidays.

T is for TATTOO

Yes I did! It was my first and after we lost our baby in September I really wanted it done :). Thanks to Amanda my childhood friend who owns her own tattoo studio Aggys Ink for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this for me.

U is for UGGs

I know I know. I went on about how UGGly they were and then I finally got a pair and I love them! In my defence though, my husband bought them for me so I'm not entirely to blame...

V is for VEUVE Clicquot

This is basically all I've been drinking this Christmas. Move over Baileys, Veuve champers is definitely my new drink of choice.
W is for WEDDING

One of my favourite girlies got married! We grew up together so I was so glad to be able to share in her special day - when she got married to Chris Brown!

X is for XFM

I'm not a rock chick in any way but I've recently discovered the joys of this radio station especially on long car journeys where Smooth FM is likely to make me fall asleep and KISS FM to think I'm Jenson Button doing a cameo in Dizzee Rascal video.

And with artists such as Mumford & Sons on their playlist, what's not to love?

Y is for YOLO

Possibly the most overused phrase all year but it's true and since it was explained to me I've kept it as my motto for embracing new experiences!

Z is for ZARA

The year I finally stopped shopping at Zara due to consistently bad customer service! This might seem a bit extreme but after more than a few incidents I decided they really don't deserve my money so I stopped giving it!

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all my wonderful family and friends and blog readers for being with me on my journey in 2012 hope we can continue to support eachother in 2013!

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