Money, money, money


Money by Charli Baltimore

I don't know if it's the pretty face or the expensive taste
That got everybody wantin' to touch me like Case
Feels So Good like Mase, to pull over
Anywhere I want, diplomats on the Rover

I have 'em comin' back, knockin' on my door like Jehovas
Ya'll already know that Charli's in charge
Weekly massage, platinum and gold cars
Money stashed in NY to Witchitaw

Charli rappin' about, I really got
And it ain't that I'm stuck on myself,
I'm really hot

For the love of money (dollar bills ya'll)
For the love of money (gots to have it, eh-heh)
For the love of money (dollar bills ya'll)
For the love of money (really need it, yeah)

Back when I was a youngster (no comments please), I used to love Charli Baltimore and especially this song! With her short streaked blonde hair, 'hard' attitude, passion for fashion, cars and eye blinding jewellery, she was the epitome of everything I thought was cool.

I'm obviously alot older and wiser now (she says) and more accepting of the fact that:
1 - That's not cool
2 - I'm not cool and probably never will be no matter how loud my music is when I'm crusing (navigating my way down the A406) in my drop top (Peugeot 206).

But this doesnt stop me trying! And every time I pick up a magazine and see Beyonce's polished face look out at me I think to myself that if I had only a fraction of the money she has, I'm sure I'd look just as amazing, or almost.

When I did Catwalk I loved just being seen knowing how amazing I looked.
Although recently, one of my close friends (a designer who is involved in a fashion show), said the following in response to me asking why a friend of mine was picked to be involved rather than me:

"well I did think of you initially but then I remembered your friend."

so clearly a lot of money needs to change hands before I get anywhere near to looking half decent.

(Just for the record, she quickly tried to reassure me in her next sentence, "but dont worry, if she cant do it then you'll have to do." Dont worry, if ever you need a confidence booster, I'll give you her number.)

Being engaged and knowing I'm with the most amazing man in the world makes me estatic. Reading through wedding magazines and knowing I do not have the most amazing budget in the world, does not.

Case in point: "When we got engaged, my fiance, Nick, gave me a budget of £10,000 for my dress. He knew how important it was for me to look amazing."

Ignoring the the obvious need to get away from my current overuse of the word amazing, how _______ is that?! I cringe at the thought of actually spending that much on my entire wedding never mind the dress!

Disclaimer: Yes I am a Christian and yes I am jealous of this girl. I am thankful for God's Grace!

I mean seriously, I could think of at least a hundred methods of self-improvement with that much money and as the daughter of a King, you'd think wealth comes with the territory, no?

Anyway I've tried to ignore the calls of an expensive wedding and shielded my eyes from the gorgeous layers of tulle and lace crying out to me from the pages of Bride and Wedding Ideas and dont even get me started on Hitched! And I was doing well... :s we havent set a date yet so no need to start panicking about venues, caterers and the like so it was all just a beautiful, far off dream until stupid Halifax picked me out from their millions of customers and decided to offer me a credit card. And not just any credit card, a pink one.

I've managed to stay clear of these things by not being on the radar. I have never had a credit card, dont take out loans and have only 1 store card which I very rarely use.
But lo and behold I was found and targeted by those powers that be, up at HSBC.
(Sorry I meant Halifax I just got distracted by the rhythmic poetry developing in my sentence).

I keep telling myself that I dont need it. But the beautiful pink card image on the letter surrounded by lots of shiny paper bags nice and bulgy from recent shopping trips, just keeps staring at me from my drawer where I've 'hidden' it, and I take a deep sigh and try to meditate - "money is the root of all evil." wait no thats not right, "the love of money is the root of all evil."

But then a credit card isnt really money is it? It's just a cool bit of plastic which, when you allow it to be sucked in by some boring looking machine and type in a few secret digits, means nice shop staff will hand over pretty much whatever you want! And with a credit card you dont even have to have the money in your account first, how cool is that!?

I'm doing well so far, as its still sitting there all fresh and unsigned in my drawer and last night while working out my outgoings on my shiny new pink laptop (no I did not use a credit card!), I realised that I dont :(
I will probably never understand why even though I now earn more than I ever have done before, I still have hardly anything left over at the end of the month!

So I decided to cut back and be really good - no more lunches in Pret, no more weekly shopping trips (lessened since I am engaged to the most generous man in the world), no more wishing for the best wedding in the world with a dress that would make Beyonce jealous - ok who am I kidding??

Then my friend who works in Recruitment and thinks Primark is an abomination to humanity called and asked if I wanted to go wedding dress shopping in Harrods, I found a bargain pair of animal print sandals online and I found myself in Pret this afternoon buying lunch.

Credit card anyone??!

CC Girl xx

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