January Randoms – Day 5: The Celebrity Makeover


If you've ever felt under pressure to compare your less-than-perfect skin, not-so-bright eyes and
short-of- pouty lips with the celebrities adorning womens' glossies around the world - this video may just make you feel a little bit better!

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

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  • 3 responses to “January Randoms – Day 5: The Celebrity Makeover”

    1. Anonymous says:

      hahaha 'maybe she's born with it….No, I'm pretty sure it's fotoshop' Good video.

    2. olaoluwatomi says:

      LOL! For one minute I thought it was some cream or shampoo or something!:)

    3. Raq says:

      Love it!!!

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