January Randoms – Day 1: If you don’t ASK you don’t get (a glass)


January is a bit of a weird month isn't it?

Generally speaking we are still tired from the (relaxing) Christmas break,
feel like we should be on some sort of diet or detox or fulfilling the same new year's resolution we didn't quite manage last year, or are having to skulk around avoiding
the January sales because we can't afford to shop after overspending at Christmas (again) or because we have decided not to spend any money on our already full to bursting wardrobes.

So basically it's all a bit rubbish. Which is why I've decided to brighten up
my month with a collection of random things I've discovered - one per day - and share them with you...enjoy!


Ok this is super random. While in child-friendly
ASK restaurant with two of my favourite girls and a baby, I asked for a glass of wine (baby is not mine, what's the problem?) and was given this large brandy-masquerading-as-a-wine-glass to drink from. Following a collective "Ooo!", the waiter promptly responded with "Like them? Six for £25."

Needless to say I was a little confused. We were in North West London not Del-Boy East so I was a little suprised that this rather entrepreneurial employee seemed to be toting business on his rounds. A few questions further and it transpires the restaurant itself will order in a set of these
new glasses at
individual requests!

I'm still not sure if this was just a joke so please do enquire next time you visit
an ASK restaurant
- and let me know what they say...

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  • One response to “January Randoms – Day 1: If you don’t ASK you don’t get (a glass)”

    1. Feeling Food says:

      Happy days! Thank God for weird and random moments! I will be making a bee-line for our local Ask:0) The glass looks ideal for individual servings of trifle! The waiter must have been taking tips from Del-Boy over Christmas. Your blog brings a smile to my face. Big love and Happy New Year!! i'm looking forward to your random posts!!! xxx

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