If everybody looked the same…


Scrolling down my Twitter feed the other day I came across way too many lists of advice from supposed fashion industry experts on what to wear, how to wear it, where to wear it....the lists are endless.
Supposedly there's a fashion fix for every occasion right down to meeting your friend with benefit's parents or taking your new puppy for a walk.

This to me, is the problem with fashion today. Living in London, one of the most fashion forward cities in the world (if not THE most fashion forward city), you get to see some pretty interesting outfit choices just on, like, a casual Monday morning on the tube. Any excuse. And I think we should be embracing that! Which is why I get irritated by these lists which tend to make everyone think they should dress a certain way which then results in everyone looking EXACTLY THE SAME. When I was younger, every time we had a non-uniform day at school my mum would render it pointless saying that we all dressed the same anyway. I remember her laughing at how excited we got at being able to wear our own clothes because we then turned up in identikit outfits which created a whole new uniform.

For those of you old enough to have played the game Snakes on a Nokia 3210 you may well recognise a song with these lyrics:

"If everybody looked the same, we would get tired of looking at each other" (Groove Armada)

That song comes to mind whenever I see a certain "tribe" in London. Same bags, same shoes, same hair styles, same everythang. And I'm telling you now, it's boring.

I'm guilty of it too (I have waaaay too many pairs of black skinny jeans but then, I like the way they make my bum and legs look) and I guess unless you're actually a Buyer you have little influence over what's available in the shops. But how about being a little more creative? How about taking time to find out what suits YOUR shape and YOUR face. Find out what works for you at YOUR job (note to self: not hot pants) and enjoy the discovery.

I get that not everyone cares what they wear and only put clothes on in the morning to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure but for the rest of us, let's use a little innovation! Especially for those of us living in London. (Or New York actually - sorry can't vouch for cities I haven't been to but do let me know if your home city is equally fashion forward.)
Don't believe me? Honestly, if you put on a blue smurf suit and got on the train at 8am on a weekday morning no one would bat an eyelid. NO ONE. The only way you would get attention is if you happened to be sitting down when an irate pregnant lady boarded your already packed carriage.

Sometimes I wear tutus to work. Like, actual, puffy, layered tutus to my very grown up office job where I am in charge of things and people. People who are not at school and who have full control over their wardrobes wear green shirts under their suits. People wear socks with sandals - and you know what? Even that's not actually a fashion thing. Die hard Asians and Africans who continue wearing traditional attire in winter have been rocking that look for years. The other day I walked past someone dressed like red riding hood, only it wasn't a costume. (But that's okay babe, we know you got carried away with the obsession with capes a few seasons ago. We see you've still got a few left over - work it girl!)

Go on I dare you, wear something different today. Try something you didn't see on the mannequin, you didn't get from the latest glossy magazines and embrace the freedom of fashion.

Be inspired!

Some people just like things to match. There's nothing wrong with that! Buzzfeed.com

For bad hair days kemukujara.tumblr.com

Beauty ideas to try when you're single hotbeautyhealth.com

The trick is to assume normality whatever you're wearing. But if you're not feeling all that confident, big sunglasses will make you appear cool and aloof and nobody will f*** with you. Bloglovin.com

Some fashion people (especially the ones from Shoreditch) go on about how they buy everything from charity shops. Well good for them I say! I browse occasionally but generally can't be dealing with the smell. However, if you can brave them it can be fun to bring yesterday's fashions into today. WWD.com

For days when you just want to be able to read your paper on the tube without anyone touching you tolentinohautehats.es

There will be days when you want to look classy so do it like the website says... Blackandkillingit.com

But then there may also be days when you just don't want to wear pants. fashionfever.tumblr.com

Whatever you decide to wear; wear it and wear it well!

NOTE: The closer you live to Shoreditch, the more daring you can be.

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