I want that……!


I think I have wedding fever..... :s And not the healthy kind!

There is so much to choose from way too much to look at and I've become hooked on Hitched!

Firstly which type of wedding dress do I choose?? I am tall, slim but with a large bust so I dont want to look Dress up Barbie as much as I love her :s

So apparently I should be going for a ballerina skirt to show off my legs:

and a halter neck top for my athletic arms like so

which suggests I should look something like a Marilyn starlet minus the sexy fan machine swept hair:
No thanks! Sometimes having boobs can be more of a hindrance than a help. I want to look beautiful, ravishing, stunning, breath taking, awe inspiring...ok you get the idea :s

I have just discovered that you get a much classier style of dresses when you Google 'Couture Bridal Gowns' instead of 'Couture Wedding Dresses'. Having done the latter, I came across this:

'Condom Couture' Classy!! :s

This is a stunning look at ME dress... but where would I put my cups????

Or if I had ambitions of looking like a gorgeous Greek statue:

Then you have the other end of 'wedding dresses'. Really what were you people thinking?!

and more to the point - why are you all Black??? :(

Where are all the Black brides in gorgeous couture dresses? Dont they get married too?

She looks happy!

Ok I think I've finally found me: -

Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari!
CC girl xx

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  • One response to “I want that……!”

    1. I only just realised you'd writted again!

      Love it!!

      One of those dresses has my name on it 🙂 Now I just need to wait for my prince charming

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