I Love You


Song on My Mind: Best Friend by Brandy

Date: 31/01/08

"Whenever I'm down, I call on you my friend A helping hand you lend, in my time of need so I I'm calling you now, just to make it through

What else can I do, don't you hear my plea

Friends may come and friends may go

But you should know that

That I've got your back, it's automatic

So never hesitate to call

Cuz I'm your sister and always for ya and I

1-I don't know what I'd ever do without you

From the beginning to the end

You've always been here by my side

So I'll call you my best friend

Through the good times and the bad ones

Whether I lose or if I win I know one thing that never changes and That's you as my best friend

Whenever I'm down

With all that's going on

It's really going on

Just one of those days

When ya, ya say the right things, to keep me moving

To keep me going strong, what else can I say?

Friends are there through thick and thin

Well I've been told that And I believe that it's automatic

Call me when you need a friend

Cuz I'm your sister and always for ya"

All the people who know me will know that I have been going through some issues recently...well we all have right? But I have had a hard time dealing with the consequences of certain things that have taken place in the last 3 - 5 years of my life.

I've been whiny, emotional, abrupt, rude, selfish, needy, arrogant, mean, unreasonable, hurtful and insensitive. I have cried for an hour and then cut someone in the next 5 mins. I've been dismissive of feelings and then sought support for my own.

I've been traumatised and I've traumatised....but I have never been alone. I have an incredible family who have stood by (and still stand strong) me throughout my temper tantrums, coldness, wild behaviour and have generally accepted with open arms the Black Sheep of the family!

I also have incredible FRIENDS....and this is for you.....

One of my friends suggeseted I go out with another of my friends for Valentines Day and celebrate our friendship. I hate V day unless I'm with someone but its about Love right? Not Relationships so this year I'm setting in stone that I'll never spend V day alone without a Loved one ever again.

Firstly my sister... :)

A is my fashion friend. We shop together, party together, plan together, go to church together, laugh together and make the same mistakes and consequently grow together....

Another A is my buddy. She tells me to buck up my ideas when im down. calls me crazy but lets me dance, makes me laugh and has my back.

B is my best friend. She is closer to me than anyone outside my family. She has seen me weep, seen me in exhaltation, she has cried for me, hurt with me and held my hand. We have shared clothes, a car and our faith walk....

C is my uni best friend - we met at uni, share the same bday, lived together, cried together, went first together...although we're not as close now...still there is Love

D is my girl! She's down to earth and FUN! There is no one I admire more. she's eternally positive and someone I'd travel around the world with..at the drop of a hat!

E adopted me while I was with my ex...I love her motherly nature and the way she welcomed me with open arms when I was lost and shy.

F is my boy! I've 'known' him for about 5 years and he has given spoken the biggest blessings over my life and told me the truth I didnt want to hear. There's no blessing I would not wish for you..

I just want to mention some names that stick out during my current time..

Mimie (my birth sister!),
Oyinda (my girl for life no matter what)
Olamide (My wife lol )
Baby Tola (its in the name lol)
Jodie ...my grown Barbie sister :)
Saz (my crazy msn buddy!)
Kaysha - gold leggings!
Sweet Vaness (in the name lol)
Claire - my high school sweetheart!
Perrine - all I can say is such LOVE :)
Sammy (Smaki :)
Yemi -woo hoo! no more Baileys
Raychel - my "stop moaning get over it..." girl lol she means well
Kimberley - he introduced us, we fell in love, he ducked out..lol what can I say we lasted longer!
Ireta - Honesty is her policy!
ID - History tells all and girl you've grown so wise!
Assumpta - wow we talk more now than when at school you're an amazing person and great friend
Tasha - Kelis, Tamia, your yellow megane plus bham nightlife....:)
Chike - my platonic bed buddy! I miss u but im proud of what you've achieved
Rich - how long is it now - 6 years? We both know what happened and im not proud but thank u for ur forgiveness
Cynthia - my mentor! Thanks for the encouragement in all I do
Femi (419) - not married yet ;)
Femi (Boy) - Your inspiration has been important to me even know you may not realise how much - thank you.
Itohan - I'm in love with the Stripper
Sunny Paris - Such Faith and friendship from afar!
Jacqueline - You're a great woman and you have a beautiful heart :)
Julie - You're in my heart and prayers hon hold on to what you've got..
Keziah - I LOVE your msn names u crack me up and make my day! thank you...
Kitanya - its been a long long long time K but few have spoken wiser words to me..you know what about...:)
Kumni - My lost at birth sister it has been good to have u back in the last couple years - may our friendship grow..!
Lilz - Yeah so the rumours go that you were seeing him behind my back but I forgive u lol ur great..thanks for all the talks
Matilda - Wow..is all I can say and I'm speechless...your inner strength is mighty and I thank God for it and you
Robert - Ok so you broke my heart but it mended..then it got broken again and you helped and are helping to heal it...love :)
Yemi, Lano, Michael, Talitha, Kemi, Angel - nothing but LOVE!

............the list goes on and on and on and on....

This is a tribute to my friends for this Love month...

You are my girls! and Guys...and I love you all I thank God for you lives and your help during this diffcult time...May He also bring friends like you to share with your joys and stick with you through sad times...I've learned that the sad times are inevitable but that friends that stick closer than a brother... :)

Thank You!


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  • 3 responses to “I Love You”

    1. *Assumpta* says:

      You never cease to amaze me hun.. You have a way with words that i find so soothing and i identify with so much of what you’ve been and are going through. I loved that song when i was younger [in fact i loved the whole album!] and the words are so apt.
      We do speak more than we did in school but better late than never! I thank God everyday for letting our paths cross once more. xx

    2. And you my love, are an absolute gem…pretty as punch and with plenty of smarts to take on the WORLD 🙂 God bless you GIRL!

    3. Anonymous says:

      Miss T! Please do not ask what I’m doing…awake at this time. Funnily enough, I memorised the words of that song years ago, who woukd have thought it would have meaning or be relevant now?!

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