How to lose a guy in…one Whatsapp conversation



Just as a note to the below mentioned persons, I just want to say that as public as I am on this blog, I am public about me and generally try not to involve other people so despite this one post, this is not a dating blog and it never will be. That's partly because to have a dating blog you do actually have to date, right?Yup, just one. You don't even need 10 Whatsapp (as opposed to 'What's Up', as my friend has taken to calling it) conversations for this, let alone 10 days.

So anyway, I was talking to this guy I like on Whatsapp (because of course smartphone apps like this have made actual phone conversations obsolete) and for reasons, I happened to mention in passing that I'd thought of some good baby names for our children. I then proceeded to share them.

I could really stop with this post now couldn't I? I think the explanation to its title has been well and truly fulfilled, right? But the thing I can't figure out is not why I said it, but why I have absolutely no qualms about having said it and, given the opportunity would probably say it again!

Am I crazy? Even thinking about it now, my inner me is shrugging like, 'What's the big deal outer me? They're actually pretty cute names!' I even ran one of the names past said liked guy just casually in an earlier conversation before I dropped this bombshell so I knew I was on to a good thing.

It's hard to decipher a genuine response over a messaging service but I'm pretty sure he was a little 'WTF'd out. Which is fair enough, although I did point out that failing to plan is planning to fail. So I freaked him out, and I'm okay with this. Maybe I am a little weird and too forward. But don't all girls do this? Isn't this just a grown up version of what we did in school when we would unite our first names with the love of the week's surnames on our exercise books? I've been married before and I'm old enough now not be too bothered about changing my own name but baby names are just so exciting aren't they! I mean you can pick whatever you want or even make up whatever you want as is the current trend and the little humans just have to take it! Amazing!

Okay so reading this back maybe it was a little too forward and could potentially scare him off. But then there is this inner me giving the same response as aforementioned liked person: 'WTF!'.
Only it's not said in bewilderment, it's said as a statement. It's one step up from 'WTH!'; it;s a 'Who cares!' response because maybe I do want babies and maybe I do want to talk about baby names. Or maybe I just wanted to provoke a reaction. Or maybe I just said it because I don't feel I have anything to lose and that is a very crazily safe place to be. I'm not chasing this guy down for love, marriage and a baby carriage. I'm not asking for it, demanding it or expecting it. Life has already thrown too many curve balls for me to think I can engineer what happens next.

And anyway, my mum has always taught me to tell the truth, which in this case, is that they are pretty damn good names. And if you knew what they were you would definitely agree.


NOTE: Sophia Webster is not sponsoring this post.
But she should be.

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