High heel race


Hooray! My years of heading the relay team in sixth form and working at all day events in stilettos has paid off.

My JBFF (Jewish Best Friend Forever for those that don’t know) works in PR and one of her clients, Sarenza, hosted a high heel race last Saturday at the Old Truman Brewery in ridiculously trendy Brick Lane.

At first I insisted I was just there as support and not actually
to race but my Fish (husband) wasn’t buying it and luckily neither did I. 3 inch heels later I learned that my record time was 6.44 secs; not a winning time but still came 4th and means I qualify to go to Paris and race at the finals – woo hoo!

(Yes I know it’s a high heel race not the Olympics
but these days I
claim my accomplishments where I can get them!)

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  • 2 responses to “High heel race”

    1. lol thanks! First weekend in December. I got to choose two teammates but one has dropped out now – arrgh! can you sprint in heels?!

    2. Mummy D says:

      Wow that is an accomplishment! When's the Paris race?

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