Happy Vajazzle Day


Sorry for waiting so long to do this post, I had to think carefully about whether or not to write it especially as Christians 'aren't supposed to talk about these things'...but since I'm married I figured I can probably just about get away with it!

When we first tuned into tv show
The only way is Essex it was mainly to pass the time
but we quickly became quite obsessed and fell for the wonderfully
honest beautician, Amy Childs,
whose vajazzle treatment caused Fish to fall about in hysterics.

Vajazzling, for the uninformed, is the practice of placing decoratively patterned
crystals onto freshly waxed skin on the pubic bone area. Sounds silly and
decorating one's private area
wouldn't usually cross my mind
but when it came up on Groupon as a discounted treatment I decided to go for it as a Valentine's treat for

FYI, we've only been married six months so not long enough to stop making an effort in the bedroom department and I'm also very much
into presents for my husband that involve me being the recipient i.e. underwear and sexy shoes!

So the Friday before the big day I went along to
Victoria Colannade
Beauty Rooms

and my favourite beautician
to date,
Aga, carefully removed every hair in a satisfying full
Brazilian - she's a true hair nazi* - before shaking little red glittery crystals into a heart shape onto my smooth skin. I've had a Brazilian wax before but this was the first time that I've had what looks like Barbie's cupcake toppings stuck on afterwards!

For obvious reasons I won't post
a picture of mine
but it did look pretty good and stayed on for a whole week afterwards despite my legendary 30min showers.
So I liked it, Edward liked it and even though my feminist colleague was disapproving, I
still highly recommend it...for your husbands eyes only ;)

*takes the removal of every hair follicle very seriously

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  • 2 responses to “Happy Vajazzle Day”

    1. Raq says:

      CC, if only I'd known I would have asked for a peak…

    2. bev says:

      As the 'feminist colleague' in question i would like to point out that my main objection was to the concept of getting a sequinned playboy bunny logo… live and let live in all vajazzle related areas I say 🙂

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