Gold Digger 


I can't believe I'm about to write this but I'm a little bit in awe of self-confessed gold digger Anfisa, from the highly esteemed TLC channel's prime time show, 90 Day Fiance.

Now don't get me wrong, the term "gold-digger" is not one I aspire to and the one time it was jokingly used in reference to me, I expressed my outrage in no uncertain terms. But for those who have watched the show, surely you have to admire the nerve!

90 Day Fiance focuses on people in America who have become involved in relationships with foreign citizens and bring them over on something called a K1 visa. The street name for this is a spouse visa because it is used by those who want to bring their other halves to the States which the US Government allows provided you then marry your partner within 90 days. If not, they have to leave. It is literally the best TV, combining Catfish and Don't Tell The Bride in one sitting.

So back to Russian Anfisa. When we first started watching it, my friends and I were amazed at the blasé and entitled attitude with which she treated her American boyfriend. Aside from the expensive gifts of bags, shoes and clothing she demands, we are introduced to her when he fails to get her the latest thing she has asked for (I think it was a new Chanel bag) so she cancels his flight to see her (which he had paid for) and hacks into his phone and email account, locking him out. Now before you pick your jaw off the ground I have to tell you that not only did he put up with all that, he also paid for another flight but this time to bring her to the US.

He had bought a brand new sports car to pick her up at the airport but she was duly unimpressed especially when he realised it wouldn't fit all her luggage (which he then had to send ahead of them in a taxi). "Why did you bring this? Didn't you realise I would have a lot of luggage?" He replied, "No, I thought you would want to go shopping and buy it all here." (This is the first and only time I saw her give a hint of a smile.)

She seemed permanently annoyed and showed not one bit of interest or affection in him. Some have suggested this is just the Russian way - not showing much emotion and the permanent b*tch face but I don't know if that's a thing. Anyway so when he asked her what she was going to do while she was there she scowled at him and asked whether he expected her to work. To which he assured her that he didn't. She then told him she would of course need an allowance while she was there. He then (perhaps unwisely) asked her how much and she thought for a while and then replied, "$10,000 a month." I mean literally deadpan. Now from what we could see this guy wasn't a millionaire so his response was to laugh - but of course she was dead serious. LOVE.her.

Every time he said he wouldn't give her something she threatened to go home. Then, in a snippet from next week's episode, he asks her if she just wants him for his money and she says "Yes." And this is the weird moment that I wanted to give her a high five. I mean, she has shown this guy EXACTLY who she is, what she's about and what she wants. I know I'm bound to get slammed for saying this but if that isn't girl power I don't know what is. Even in the workplace we women are apparently less likely than our male counterparts to ask for a pay rise even when we know we deserve it. And here is one of our own demanding EXACTLY what she wants; no apologies...and guess what? he's still there giving it to her!

What an absolute G! I mean, literally, capital G for Gold Digger and she doesn't.give.a.f**k.

I'm in awe.

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