Freely Attached


The stirrings of my stomach, the murmurings of my heart
Aching with each beat
The voices echoe off the cave walls, those who i am yet to speak to - knocking me, each voice pushing me
My hands seeking to be kept busy with the things which are
Everlasting, never temporary

It's clear, distinct and makes so much sense. Now.

"Please remove the veil that hinders them from seeing the realness of what their existence in this world is for"

Its not for self worship.
Sex and you have no spouse, Self worship
'it feels good, who cares. im not hurting anyone', Self worship
Continually abusing your mind, body and soul
And you havent seen anyone for days

Sacrifice your 'members' for a week and abstain from the things which are the norm and
There will be a noted change, a difference

Sleepless nights, for i am my brothers keeper
I am a kingdom builder

This is written, for i was given a gift.
Packaging wasnt all that, so it was put in storage.
Until i needed something different
Once opened, i realised

Dazzling, mesmorising, and oh so precious

New mind, new thoughts, new speech
New character, new experiences, new goals
New friends, new realisations
And much needed love

If i dont tell you, my heart will continue to ache and the screams will get louder,


In a name.


I dont want to live knowing i havent done what i was created to do,
Recruit and enlighten.

You've Got Mail

A letter from Heaven

'I Love You'

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