For he’s a jolly good fellow!


Sleep deprived,
whiney and drained would quite adequately describe me today. Having spent last night at a PR event for bloggers - more on this later - and the night before repeatedly tossing and turning before waking up early to make my husband's event breakfast (boiled plantain and omelette since you're asking), today wasnt embraced in the best of moods.

I know I'm
an 'adult' now but seriously, I really do need my sleep!
So anyway I got home from work today
weary and
ready to collapse on the sofa in front of some reality TV remedy......

....and lo and behold my beautiful, gorgeous, considerate, hunk of a husband had almost finished single-handedly building our gigantic new wardrobe and he'd even got a yummy roast dinner cooking in the oven!

And the
BEST bit
is, even after I half-heartedly offered to help, he told me to go and relax on the sofa while he sorted it all out.

Husbands eh? who knew!

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  • 4 responses to “For he’s a jolly good fellow!”

    1. Mummy D – I hope so too!
      Haha just the one for now but its all mine!

    2. Mummy D says:

      WOW husband envy!! hmmm report back after a year of marriage and hope he's still doing the same 😉

    3. Anonymous says:

      Good man! Was that the first of several wardrobes?

    4. Anonymous says:

      You forgot to mention that during his DIY day he managed to block himself in the room for the whole day until the wardrobe was built and upright!! He he. XX

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