Five days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends…


A glass of mulled wine

Where have you been all my life??
I love fruity red wine and hate the cold so it was with pleasure that I came across the wonder that is mulled wine. I only discovered this magnificant creation
last Christmas
and so I still get excited about it.
(A few weeks ago I tried to make my own with red wine a couple of days old and tinned fruit...wouldn't recommend it...)

Anyway things can get pretty hectic in the week or so before Christmas with last minute shopping to be done and the 'inclement weather' causing all kinds of transport catastrophies. So while I don't advocate resorting to drink as a coping mechanism, I do recommend sitting down with a nice glass of mulled wine to soak in the busy but festive atmosphere we get at this time of year. And if you dont drink, you can have some yummy
spiced Christmas tea instead. Anything that will help you to relax and unwind for a while.

Note to self: Mulled wine is not Ribena and needs to be sipped with slow enjoyment
and not gulped down as if one hadn't had a drink for days.

Five days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends...
A glass of mulled wine
Getting a free photobook
Silver sparkly things
Red...lots of red!
Bible reading notes
Giving to charity
Date night for two
and Lycon Precision waxing

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  • 2 responses to “Five days before Christmas, Christ Couture recommends…”

    1. Well done you! et vous aussi 🙂

    2. bev says:

      I've been doing quite well keeping up with following your recommendations, I might use this as an excuse to mull some wine tonight! Thanks for all the tips, hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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