Fashion Fare Day 4 – Christopher Kane


My look for today was rather clasy Christopher Kane or so I thought, until the very fashionable manager of a local gift shop asked if it was 'S&M Day' today...

I loved my outfit although due to my newly disobedient feet I had to wear trainers to work - gold ones obvs - but I didnt realise wearing leather to a workplace that is not primarily fashion-based would cause such a stir!
The people on my tube seemed to like it though even though it was mostly hidden under my big furry (its fake dear readers, fake fur) coat but it seems wearing leather is always going to cause a reaction.

#LFW Day 4
Designer: Christopher Kane

My interpretation differs only very slightly!

Top - Topshop Unique
Body under top - New Look
Leather trousers - Tailormade
Shoes - Faith (RIP)

I know I didn't quite get the top right but hey I was pretty imaginative with it! If you look closely you may see that there is a slight bulge at the front just under my neck. This is because I am actually wearing the top back-to-front and the bulge is a hood that I stuffed down there to create a slash neck!
(The actual front is a crossover incase you are nosy.)

I'm rather proud of my leather trousers which I had made for me to fit my super-long legs but I was freezing on top which brings me to another problem. I am cold about....90% of the time. And that's not an exaggeration but apparently, models, who are about half the size of my UK8 and with probably none of the body fat, never are. Surely the AW2012 collection should be full of lovely warm long sleeved coats! With enough lining to make sure you can be naked underneath and still not feel the cold. Ah well I live in hope.

So anyway in conclusion, today is the day I finally realised that, despite many years of toe-pinching and successfully teetering, my feet are finally refusing to play ball. As a teenager, I could walk for miles and dance for hours wearing super skinny stilettoes or super high platforms. Not for me the glass-cut feet of my friends whose feet point blank refused to walk home after a night out on anything other than bare ground.

However. After failing to keep my heels on for longer than four hours, I've decided now is the time for insoles and comfort.

Although they are extremely pretty aren't they?

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  • 3 responses to “Fashion Fare Day 4 – Christopher Kane”

    1. Anonymous says:

      J'aime beaucoup ca.

    2. Fiona says:

      Brilliant outfit although the trousers could probably be taken in a bit and you should keep the top for when you are breastfeeding.

    3. AWH says:

      Loved this outfit – looked fantastic and very sexy- even if the top was on back to front. Love the imagatination of turning a top back to front (and yesterdays thought process of using your gillet as a skirt). I've never had enough of the 'style gene' to think of something like that but you really carry it off.

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