Fashion Fare Day 3 – Margaret Howell


Three days in and I still haven't learned to plan what I'm wearing the night before. Today was the first day I've had to try Fashion Fare on my commute and at work so my outfit had to be very practical.

With all the hoo-ha on my Twitter timeline about the Mulberry show (which sadly, I am not important enough to have been invited to) at first I thought I would try and emulate their 'monster look'. Big furry skirts, coats and gillets adorned the Mulberry models teamed with leather and lace and the occasional dog. Yes there was a real dog on the catwalk.

So I quite liked the idea of a furry skirt but not having one I then thought about putting one foot in each arm of my upside-down gillet and tying it around my waist with a belt - tres chic non?
I was good to go until I thought about trying to go to the toilet...

My final choice was quite unsual as its not a 'look' I'd usually go for but to be honest, at 7.30 this morning my husband wasn't really in the mood to wait for me to find a look I would normally go for so I had to just get on with it!

#LFW Day 3
Designer: Margaret Howell

My version:

Cashmere cardigan - Zara
Blue polo shirt - Espirit (Borrowed from Husband)
Tulle skirt - Principles? (Bought by Mum when I was aged about 18)
Shoes - Anne Klein iFlex (Borrowed from Colleague who purchased in Atlanta)

Despite my face in this picture and the fact that my friend asked if I had a hall pass to be out of school in the middle of the day, I did quite like this outfit. When I used to model I always felt I had to try and be pretty and girly all the time. It's only recently that I've felt able to just enjoy anything I wear and not feel the pressure to try and look like a Victoria Secret's model having a day off.

In my attempt to show my 'catwalk' I seem to have lost a leg...

With minimal makeup, my short hair and small stud earrings this was quite an understated look and my husband - who, having worked for fashion label James Lakeland, knows a thing or two about womens' fashion - said I looked quite cool and authoritative which is handy seeing as I'm a magazine editor in my day job.

For some reason I don't own a pair of Black brogues so I had to borrow this beautiful plum pair from a colleague and my feet sank into them with such relief I had to stop myself from going on eBay to try and track down my own pair from the US. (Ok I had a little peek but couldn't find anything in my size.)

So Day 3 was a learning experience in fashion and style. And I now have something else to add to my shoe shopping if it wasn't long enough already!

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  • 3 responses to “Fashion Fare Day 3 – Margaret Howell”

    1. Fiona says:

      I agree with your friend – school uni look. Detail such as done up collar and blended in buttons may help.
      I thought day 2 was HUGELY successful – only you were skinnier than the model so your skirt looks a bit big on the waist!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Great update – looking forward to the next one.

    3. Good choice, and the imitation is good. I love the oversized, relaxed look. The outfit looks high fashion and you can still wear it. It is not very flattering (doesn’t show of legs or curves) and it is not suppose to be and you still pull it off well.

      I love this… looking forward to tomorrow!

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