Fashion Fare Day 2 – Clements Ribeiro


Day 2 of Fashion Week featured some well-known fashion houses including Daks, Jasper Conran, Temperley, Aquascutum, House of Holland and Stella McCartney to name but a few.

But the one I chose to emulate for my second day of Fashion Fare was from a designer I've never heard of - please excuse my fashion ignorance - but I've since discovered that the duo behind the label were Central Saint Martins students (yay, homegrown!) and I love the wearable, feminine look of the collection plus I've been told bright colours are flattering to my skin tone so it was a win win situation really.

#LFW Day 2
Designer: Clements Ribeiro

My mission today was to attend church and possibly pop into central London to see fab accessories label House of Flora's shop in Westbourne Park so the outfit needed to be practical as I was back on the tubes but thank God no rain today...!

Here is what I came up with from my own wardrobe:

Top - Primark
Belt - Cheapo shop from Birmingham during my student years
Skirt - Topshop
Skinnies - Topshop
Shoes - Clarks

I don't normally wear leggings or skinnies under skirts as I prefer to wear tights but I quite liked the way this looked as a complete outfit and it kept away the cold wind blowing up my skirt!
The pink and red clash is something I got over a few years ago and funnily enough a few people at church commented on how good my 'red top' looked so I guess people see what they want to see....!

Practially it was an easy outfit for commuting, the only snag was that my skirt didn't have much 'give' in it, meaning I had to take teeny weeny ladylike steps and walk sideways up the stairs at the train station.

I explained what I was doing to a group of eight-year-olds and the three of them had quite different reactions upon seeing the original look from the Ribeiro show so I'll end with their comments -

Eight-year-old girl number 1:

"I wouldn't have chosen that outfit."
Eight-year-old girl number 2:

"You didn't get it quite right though did you? Your top isn't the same."

Eight-year-old girl number 3:

"I don't like that outfit on her (model from the catwalk) but it looks good on you."

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  • 3 responses to “Fashion Fare Day 2 – Clements Ribeiro”

    1. I agree with eight year old number 2, you didn't get it quite right. The outfit on the model is beautiful and it suits you! I have not tried leggings and knee length skirts, but it works, good choice!

    2. Bev says:

      Love it! wish I could wear pink, alas not with my actual pink face 🙂

    3. Anonymous says:

      You do indeed wear it better than the top picture. I still have a phobia of pink and red together but it's clearly not to be feared. I should join the bold revolution…..probably just in time for the world to move into demure and black.

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