Don’t you feel pretty?… Like you’re putting on a show?


(Inspiration song:
Click Flash
by Ciara)

I feel so pretty, picture perfect, beautiful (picture perfect, beautiful)

Don't you feel pretty?... Like you're putting on a show? (a, a, a show)
And the cameras go...

Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby) And the cameras go...
Click, click, click, flash
(Ya, ya, ya beautiful baby)

Dancing in front of my full length mirror in my shoes and underwear is a speciality of mine and much to my fiance's chagrin, will remain a secret one. The best thing about my 'mirror moments' is that its usually dark and when I have my iPod on and mouthing along to the song of the moment, I can't see my uneven skin tone, hear my untrained voice or feel my unshaved legs. As the song says - I just feel 'picture perfect beautiful'.
This type of activity, I'm sure (if only judging by the hundreds of photos I've seen of one of my friends on her digital camera
who shall remain nameless..), go on in bedrooms across the world and cross countries and cultures and would have remained so had it not been for the untamed wild child that is the Internet.

Recently I have been reading about girls as young as 13 who pose semi naked in their rooms and send pictures of themselves to male 'friends' or even post the pictures and videos on their profiles on various Social Networking sites for the whole world to see. This teenage phenomenon has been dubbed 'sexting'
and not that I agree with it, as harmless as it seems in the bedroom and in the eyes of some of these girls, but I do think that enjoying a few 'mirror moments' can help build confidence levels - much needed amongst many girls today.

I guess we're all kind of obsessed with Reality TV at the moment. Whether your ears are tuned to discover the next X Factor or
there are photos all over
Facebook of you being 'fierce' courtesy of Supermodel turned Super America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, most people are slowly beginning to live in their own fantasy worlds. Back when I was still temping, my enterprising friend suggested if we hadnt found the jobs of our dreams by the end of the year, we go to New York to try our luck. I was inspired...for about 5 seconds before she revealed her ambitions to 'have my own show, like the girls on The Hills or
Daddy's Girls'.

Never one to turn away from the camera, here's how I have or am managing my own click click flash moments.

Birthdays - I turned a quarter of a century old not too long ago and had the problem of making sure I actually looked like the party girl as opposed to just a girl prettily made up. Thankfully my sparkly sequinned Zara dress teamed with a studded belt and
ridiculously vertical
All Saints boots took me to my own level - literally as I was possibly the tallest one in the building. I finally
learned the art of sipping
champagne, made time to speak with all my guests and gracefully learned to smile for each click, click, click, flash. It probably helped that the first word out of Fish's mouth when he saw me was 'WOW!'

Weddings - I've never been one of those girls who has had their wedding layout planned from the age of three so when I got engaged my friends were slightly ahead of me in that department and my BA (Bridal Assistant) bugged me for weeks before I finally agreed to go dress shopping (or dress 'looking').
But boy did I have fun! I twisted and twirled, pouted and stuck a perfectly poised leg out every time my BA wanted to show me a new garter. Seriously, I think every girl's a princess inside....she just needs the opportunity to get it out!
And if you're into
flashy/glamourous garments
I also recommend going to weddding shows - I am slightly addicted to trying on dresses!
'I feel so beautiful while I'm wearing these designer clothes'

Modelling - Not having done any for a while, several years at least, modelling for my friend's charity fashion show was more a last resort offer than anything else but it was definitely worthwhile. My attitude towards modelling is that as long as I keep being told by complete strangers that I should model, I'm doing something right. Actually having to prove it is something else! My walking during the rehersals was shaky to say the least but the moment I was actually in clothes and makeup, I remembered why I loved The Catwalk.
'Snap, snap, snap,
freeze; look back'

En route to work (no, really) - Do you ever get that feeling when you're walking along listening to your iPod and suddenly your not merely walking along to the nearest tube station, you're being filmed as you saunter along the road in head to heel Chanel
Louboutains on your feet (for those of us smart enough to realise that Carrie probably did not have to walk any distance longer than about 10 metres in her sky highs and so its best not to emulate her footwear habit if you're jumping on and off sardine squashed tube carriages, this is nothing BUT a dream). I savour these moments every morning before reality hits and I'm rudely awakened to the fact that there are delays on the Metropolitan line. 'The sun is shining on me oh yes, I'm living large'

We all need our click click click flash moment and it can come at any time at any place, but in the meantime, get your mirrors and cameras out and
tell yourself 'ya, ya, ya beautiful baby'.

And let no-one tell you otherwise ;)
CC Girl xx

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