Company magazine – You gotta have faith


Hello to new and old readers :)

My feature on God called 'You gotta have faith' is now out in the December issue of Company magazine! You can buy it from WH Smiths, Supermarkets and most other high street retailers selling newspapers and magazines.

Please have a read and let me know what you think!


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  • 12 responses to “Company magazine – You gotta have faith”

    1. Thanks for reading and thank you 🙂
      I think Church and Christians have had a bad rep for way too long! Where are you studying? It used to be my dream to be a Fashion journo – have you read Front Row by Lisa Armstrong, the ex Fashion Editor for The Times? Awesome book!
      How was the clothes show btw??

    2. Anonymous says:

      I don't normally buy Company magazine but I went to the Clothes Show on Friday and got given it and I was so thrilled to see your column in Company magazine. It was very refreshing to see a Christian write in a fashion magazine so freely, I loved what you said and totally agree. People have lots of preconceptions and seem to think that Christians and Church are boring, they are totally wrong!
      I'm currently at uni studying fashion journalism so this was such an inspiration to know that there are other people out there and that doors are already being opened.
      I hope that there will be even more opportunities for you to share your thoughts,
      Thank you

    3. I only made it as far as 2009 as I realised what time it was. I will cover 2008 tomorrow night!

    4. Oyinda says:

      so proud of you! So interesting and relevant to the times, keep it up!

    5. Wow, how did you get on?! 🙂

    6. I bought the Company mag a few days ago and have found your blog because of the article. It was a pleasant surprise to see an article on faith in Company and your piece was the number one reason I bought it rather than just reading it in Smiths 🙂 I'm not a baptised Christian but am leaning that way. I'm just taking it one step at a time and seeing your blog has shown me that I can still keep my own personal interests (ie- fashion) and be a solid Christian too. Fashion isn't the most important thing in the world, I know that- we all do (I hope!) but its an interest that contributes greatly to my life and one that I don't believe I need to sacrifice in order to walk closer to God. Thanks- that piece was right on time. Now I'm off to read every single one of your blog posts. Its going to be a long night………

    7. Wow I am definitely going to check out Lovebakes!! and please do tell people about CC – it'd be great to meet new people with the same passion/s 🙂

    8. Joelle Eyeson says:


      I just read your article in company mag, just wanted to say that it is soo refreshing to see an article of a Christian nature in a mag like company. Im also a dedicated Christian and a huge lover of fashion, its soo nice to know that there is like minded people like me out there that share similar interests. I live in Luton and run a small cupcake business from home called lovebakes, will it be ok to post a link on my fb wall about your blog, I’m sure i have many fans that would enjoy reading your blog as much as i have.


    9. That's awesome! I love to hear things like that, love the way how our God works 😉 let me know how it goes!

    10. Felicidad says:

      Just read the article in Company magazine. I loved it! I've been looking for people similar to my same mind frame and reading that article really made me feel good.
      I've been looking for a number of churches and haven't been able to find one that makes me feel comfortable so now on Wednesday I'm heading down to moot to see if I can find a great group of people with God in their hearts! Im looking forward to it!
      Thank you

    11. Anonymous says:

      I couldn't find an email address to send this to so here goes… I thought your feature in the magazine came in at a perfect time for me – I've just moved to London and have struggled to find a place of meditation and like minded young people. I had a strong, hip, stylish bunch of friends back at home and don't know where to look for people like them in here! I live in NW3, if you've got any handy tips, let me know!

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