Come out of the garden


Christ Couture

When a child is playing out in the garden and it is nice and sunny and all his/her friends are there playing with them, the last thing they want to do is come inside.
But their mother has cooked and daddy is home from work so mummy calls to her child to come in and eat, be refreshed and play with daddy so that he/she can go back out into the garden and play again having been nurtured and fed.
But the child says no, i dont want to come in, im having too much fun out here! Mother calls and calls but to no avail because the child is adamant: I am NOT coming in. So mother leaves and doesnt force her child. Sadly she shuts the door and leaves him/her to his/her own devices.
So the child continues toplay happily and then guess what happens? It starts to rain. First little droplets which the child happily plays in, then it gets heavier and heavier until it erupts into a heavy thunderstorm and wind is fiercely blowing the little child off his/her feet.
The child begins to cry, unable to take it any more and runs up to the front door of their house and starts hammering for mummy and daddy to rescue him/her. And mummy opens it, gently picks up her child, kisses him/her, dries him/her and gives him food. Then daddy plays with his child and the child goes to bed happy and refreshed, ready to go out the next day and play.

You are the child, the parents represent God. Don't leave it too late!

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