Change Clothes – This one’s for the Ladies!


A wealthy and generous father - Mr A - owned a shop filled with beautiful clothes and His customers would come and purchase tailor made outfits created by the owner Himself.
Each specially created outfit was made adaptable to the customers needs and was everlasting.

But an enemy rival who had previously worked for Him, bribed one of His customers to try and steal one of these previously tailored outfits before it was completed.

This angered the owner because He knew that soon, other customers would get impatient and follow suit so He left the shop grieved and took away His staff. The enemy took over the shop, customers and all Mr A’s beautiful clothes.

But it soon became clear that this enemy wasn’t taking care of the shop properly and the shop began to deteriorate. Customers would come in and try on clothes but not buy them leaving them soiled, buy clothes which were not ‘for them’ and return them back later used and discarded, the in-house tailoring service was abolished so customers were forced to buy ill-fitting clothes and many were damaged on the shop floor and made unfit for new purchase.

Mr A saw all this and was angry at what the enemy had done with His property so He opened a dry cleaners which was managed by His son. This meant that all the once beautiful clothes that He had created but which had been ruined by the enemy, could be collected by Mr A’s son and their staff, thoroughly cleaned and made new again!

Some of Mr A’s previous customers realised that the clothes in the shop owned by the rival were now worthless, so they came to Mr A’s dry cleaners (encouraged by Mr A’s incredible PR girls and boys and pure genius advertising), instead and were given clothes according to what would suit them best and one of the head members of staff mended clothes that had been left unfinished in the shop. These customers were perfect for the clothes and vice versa and were joyful because the clothes stayed beautiful long after they had bought them so they never again felt the need to change clothes.

Mr A = GOD
Head Member of Staff = Holy Spirit
GOD's Son = Jesus

Enemy/Rival = Satan

YOU are one of these haute couture outfits; a garment so beautifully designed and lovingly created that the modern day Gucci and Prada do not come anywhere near to the perfection with which God made YOU.

Women were not created to be used and abused by unassuming customers, worn and returned, damaged on the shop floor which is this world, or taken home by someone we do not fit.

Wouldn’t you love to be that perfectly tailored haute couture piece that God created for a specific customer and no-one else? To be seen as a precious jewel in that customer’s eyes and know that God made you perfect for each other? God created someone out there for you. Your husband who will love and cherish you, hold, keep and love you eternally…is out there. Your Perfect Partner will:

1.) Know and remember your birthdays and other important dates
2.) Compliment you daily and notice every change you make in your appearance
3.) Listen to and talk with you
4.) Buy you flowers, chocolates etc and surprise you with gifts for no other reason but that he loves you
5.) Include you in every important decision
6.) Love and cherish you and have eyes (and mouth and body….you get the idea!) for no one else but you
7.) Massage your feet when you’re tired, your back when you’re aching and caress you when you’re hurting
8.) Respect and honour you
9.) Never raise his hand or anything else to hurt you
10.) Never use his mouth to curse you
11.) Know you inside out, your likes and dislikes and will work to bring out the best in you, strive to make you truly joyful and happy that you may become the beautiful person you really are
12.) Be amazing sexually and never make excuses (headaches etc) and neither will you because your natural want for each other will be so great. (Note: am not talking about lust here, that quickly goes after a time, I mean when you are totally committed to somebody who feels the exact same way about you so that no matter how tired you are or how many kids you have or whatever; bottom line is, sex will always be important in your relationship and believe it or not - that’s what God wants!)

Right now, this shop floor that we live in has ruined our Perfect Partners and even us, the garments. The only way to find these PP’s is through Christ.
We all need to take a trip to the dry cleaners so that we can be made ‘whole’ again and ready for PP’s when we meet. It’s not all one sided though, they need cleaning too but thankfully that is God’s work not ours!

It is not our duty to go around trying to find Mr Right, Mr Right Now or Mr Almost Right with the view of (unsuccessfully) trying to turn him around to be that Mr Right.
All we need to do is seek Him (and you will truly find Jesus) to be cleansed and He will rejoin us to our PP’s – remember ladies, we are their missing rib!

No more heartache, falling for the same seemingly-nice-but-are-really-losers-in-disguise (remember, they have to be dry cleaned too!), or pretending to be someone you’re not in order to get someone you think you need.
Everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to be needed which is completely natural because man was not made to be alone. Genesis 2:18.

Imagine being able to have mad sex (yup, I did say ‘mad sex’), everyday with your PP without having to worry about STD’s, his girlfriend/wife finding out – yes it happens – getting pregnant and being forced into aborting the baby against your will due to ‘inconvenience’, feeling used instead of loved, him reaching climax too soon or falling asleep half-way through.

Without all these problems and many more, it would be perfect and this is how God created it to be; PERFECT. It seems unreal but IT IS REAL, this is how God’s original order was in His ‘shop’. Why would you want it any other way?

Parents having to bring up children alone, divorce, separation..none of these things were part of God’s original plan but He is now putting His ‘shop back in order’.

Since satan took over the world (read ‘shop floor’), we are all sinners and all need to take a trip to the dry cleaners so that through Christ, we can be the beautiful women that God made us to be: Christ Couture.

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  • 6 responses to “Change Clothes – This one’s for the Ladies!”

    1. chatgirl says:

      wow,waht can i say,you are just the sort of person that girls and young ladies in this country need,you are realy an inspiration to me and continue waht you are also a young lady who loves the Lord and trying to let Jesus take control of my being and be my all.i pray that God will talk to you in a special way and use you mightly for His glory.bigs up to you…………

    2. kunmi says:

      i have never been more encourage by anyone’s honesty before. Being one who descibes thenselves as a baby Christian as well, i am truely inspired. thanx

    3. Anonymous says:

      this section seemed like answer 2 prayer 4 me 2day….u r a blessing….thankyou and may God continue 2 bless u and others thru you!!!!…ur testimony is amazing…im sorry u had 2 go through so much on ur journey!!! stay special…. xxxx

    4. Sarah Akua says:

      This story along with your other testimonies is so profound and touching, that illustrates that truly, God works in misterious ways. I have known you since SMB, and indeed you always stood out as having a certain specialness, but reading your testimonies here just substantiates, that darling God has destined great things for you. From reading your pieces I have truly been, shocked, amazed, but most of all grown in great respect for you, and again been educated as to God’s greatness.

    5. Anonymous says:

      God is amazing, and we all need to come to Him and experience what He has for our lives firsthand. we cant be feeding off other people- we are not parasites. Many people will read this and be like, ‘yeah great that you found Jesus, but why do i need to?’ we all need saving but we need to recognise this ‘need’ first. no matter what our lives are like, ‘good’ or bad, without God they are MEANINGLESS. satan (the devil) has clouded our perception, he wants us to think we can live without God, this is because if we are not with God, we are with him. we all need to come in repentance to God (the only way being through Jesus), and only then can we be changed and fulfilled, walking into our true destiny. i thank God for you Ruth, and pray for the way your testimony will impact others’ lives like it has mine. (it hasnt all been in vain) stay strong Princess. B xx

    6. Derin says:

      I like the story a lot, sounds like a parable in the Bible.

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