Britain’s Next Top Model?


As a rule, I don't tend to watch Reality TV.

My fiance and I have decided against it for the sake of our health and sanity, not because we think its brain numbingly tedious telly nor is it because we think we are above it.

The sad truth is, we get addicted, like seriously! :s

But since I entered Britains Next Top Model cycle 5 (BNTM from hereafter), I decided to have a look at what I was missing after I got kicked out in the final auditions!

And yes, I got hooked which is why I'm up writing this at 1am from my Blackberry!

I watched 20 girls get sent to Boot Camp on their 1st day, some naked breast action for a Simple campaign not long after and a little bit of urban style lesbian kissing thrown in for diversity. And all I could think while watching was THANK GOD!!!

Thank God I was not part of that carnage, the petty bitching-noticeably less than in previous years I'm told, humiliation, constant assessment and scrutiny from people far less aesthetically pleasing than you.

What a nightmare! I'm not photogenic and have a noticeably unsymmetrical face so I'm not too sure where I thought I was going with the whole modelling thing because I'm soooooo self conscious about how I look that I'd probably be ripped to pieces on a show like BNTM!

I get told I'm beautiful every day, by my lovely husband to be and I guess I should be grateful that I haven't exposed my bikini body to the whole world on a billboard so that it can be precious to him when we do marry. (a woman's virtue and all that!)

What I have realised, through watching the show and also through trying on countless gorgeous wedding dresses is that I probably don't really want to be a Top Model, I just want these 3 things:

To be adored

To look pretty

To wear beautiful clothes

And so long as I have my Fish, an extensive wadrobe and a commitment to good health/diet/living, ill be ok.

Failing that ill just do catwalk for all the wedding shows up and down the country - Vera Wang here I come!

CC Girl x

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  • One response to “Britain’s Next Top Model?”

    1. Vera Wang is my wedding dress designer of choice too 😉

      [Having said that…I don't think I'd be able to part with thousands of pounds on a dress I'll never wear again – unless I'm SUPER rich when the time comes!]

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