‘Beyonce Weave’


AKA 'The Mesh'
MALE FRIEND: "Oh I get why you call it that now! Yeah I can really see the Beyonce look with the blonde-ish brown colour."
ME: "No love, that is NOT why its called the Beyonce Weave!"
I love experimenting and have done just about everything to my hair so when two of my friends went for a consultation with Custom Hair Blend for a 'Beyonce Weave', I decided to have a go too. The 'Mesh' as its now informally known was only available in America for a a long time and we were told that Beyonce and co use them to protect their own due to the frequent stye changes they undergo for their performances and appearances.

My hair is black, fine and natural so I figured I'd be giving my hair a break since it would be in canerow under the mesh. I know my friends will shout at me for saying this but the Beyonce Weave is a glorified wig made to look like your real hair. And how is this done? Human hair is hand wefted on to a scalp-like mesh and glued or sewn onto your hair.

Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, it must be plaited into very tiny canerows to avoid Big Head Syndrome and the mesh can either be glued at the front, back and sides of your head or it can be sewn on to the canerows and glued at the front only.

I did wonder about the glue aspect and whether it would damage my hair line but I was reassured that it wouldnt - it did. There are different types of glue you can use and we were given two options - the water-based glue which lifted at the slightest hint of sunlight and a stronger chemical-based glue that stuck to everything in reach.

Both have to be reapplied every few days so this is not a hairstyle for those who have low maintenance requirements.

My mesh was tailor made and ordered from America. My head was measured and I chose the colour/s, thickness of the strands at the front, middle and back, length and type of hair used.

The mesh itself cost £350. The glues cost about £20 each and the glue remover cost £15.

The mesh can be washed but you have to continually brush it to avoid it getting tangled.

The good thing about the mesh is that, unlike a full head weave, you can tie it up as it's stiched/glued at the nape of your neck and you can cut baby hairs to make it look more realistic. You can also get a parting with 'scalp' showing.

I did this over a year ago now but I only kept it in for a few months as I couldnt keep up with the maintenance. Once you've done it, it can be pretty easy to spot people with it which you'll know if you Google 'Beyonce Weave' and see the hundreds of horror stories/pictures on it!

My friend who is a dancer loves it and I think if you're in that kind of performance industry then it would be great. Similarly, if you have problems with hair loss or baldness, it really is a great natural looking way to cover it up.

Personally, as someone with very fine, natural hair and not much time for morning hair care, I wont be doing it again!

CC Girl x

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